SRC Signs Ackerman’s $905,000 Severance Check, Taxpayers Front The Bill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The School Reform Commission has decided to sign former Superintendent Arlene Ackerman’s severance check. And the public is footing the entire bill.

The School Reform Commission in a statement said public concerns over $405,000 in anonymous private donations to Arlene Ackerman’s buyout led nearly all of the donors to withdraw their pledges. So the Commission asked the nonprofit Philadelphia Children’s First Fund to return any remaining donations, and all of Ackerman’s buyout now is public money from school district coffers. Ackerman’s attorney, Dean Weitzman, says the SRC has paid Ackerman in full.

“Dr. Ackerman’s pay under the severance package was transmitted to my office today in the form of hard checks and those checks were deposited into Dr. Ackerman’s account.”

There was speculation the SRC might withhold Ackerman’s buyout, claiming her public criticism of budget chief Michael Masch violated a non-disparagement clause in her separation agreement.  The SRC last week said it disagreed with Ackerman’s criticism of Masch.

Today was the deadline for the SRC to either pay Ackerman or decide to challenge her No comment yet from the School Reform Commission. In the statement, the SRC said it believed it is a better use of the School District’s resources to focus on ensuring a successful school year.

Reported by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio

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  • Guess Who

    How many teachers could’ve been hired with her A A payoff? Did Philly learn a lesson from this debacle? I doubt it.

  • sammysamples

    This is evidently a payoff. She obviously knows something that the SRC wants to keep behind closed doors. No way in the world somebody should be paid this kind of money for doing a poor job. Philadelphia, The City Of Ridiculous Contracts, Arlene Ackerman, Michael Vick, Ryan Howard.

    • jojo

      I agree with sammysamples that she has something that she could sue the city over that’s why they are paying her. It’s a disgrace and the SRC needs new leadership because they obviously were not in their right mind when they signed that contract. The mayor and governor should have someone on that board to oversee.

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  • John Pecoraio

    This is even more reason for any School District union nor to give back a single thing and, in fact, to keep asking for MORE. As we have all seen, they HAVE it.

  • Murgatroid

    Will the Inquirer pat themselves on the back for doing its part to get rid of the private funding to buy out Queen Arlene?

  • Ed

    Good thing the state took over the district 10 years ago so they could ensure it was properly run… right into the ground.

    Time to run the SRC out of town and back to Harrisburg.

  • grumpy

    Well, where are the comments from the union hating fringe on this deal???

  • philly


    • Guess Who

      Nutter didn’t hire Orange Jacket. Fat Eddie played a large role in it.

  • itz

    Did anyone really think that the “Reform” commission was NOT going to pay her?

    Not a bad pay day… now let her go quietly into the night and rip off another school district in the country.

  • Joe Fleming

    typical corruption and fraud.

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