Talks Between Striking Catholic School Teachers And Philadelphia Archdiocese To Resume

Dray Clark reports…

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Negotiations resume tomorrow afternoon between striking high school teachers and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

More than 700 lay teachers from 17 different Philadelphia Archdiocesan high schools were walking the picket line today after voting Tuesday to go on strike.

Negotiations between the Association of Catholic Teachers and the Philadelphia Archdiocese fell apart Tuesday morning. The Archdiocese says union members walked away from the bargaining table as a stall tactic. Union President Rita Schwartz says the archdiocese gave them a take or leave it proposal, and that’s when members decided to walk away and negotiations stopped.

The two sides have been negotiating for months. Union members say one of the biggest issues keeping the two sides apart is a seniority clause in the archdiocese’s proposal. The union says the archdiocese wants to pick and choose what teachers it wants if there layoffs and ignore seniority and tenure. The archdiocese denies that claim. But they admit wanting to hire more part time teachers with specialized degrees.

Negotiations could resume as early as Thursday.

Reported by Dray Clark, CBS3

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  1. Diana says:

    i agree with you philly!!! i’m tired of being held hostage to unions!!!! look at the economy today!!! because everytime you turn around some union wants to strike for some reason or another and in return people are paying more and more!!! ithere are alot of joe schmoe teaching and you can’t get rid of them because of seniority!!! hey now that we have computers you better watch they don’t send your job to china. there will be a computer at the head of the class teaching our children and they will be from india or china. please don’t say it wil never happen because you better take a hard look AROUND YOU!!!! AND WHEN IT DOES HAPPEN YOUR GOING TO START CRYING THAT YOUR JOB HAS WENT OVERSEAS. SO MY SUGGESTION TO YOU IS WATCH WHAT YOU WISH OR WANT FOR BECAUSE THAT COMPUTER YOU ARE SITTING BY IS WAITING TO TAKE OVER YOUR JOB AND THEY DON’T FUSS!!!!!

  2. Mary says:

    Philly- you are forgetting we are talking about a company but the Church and the education system. If you run it like a business then you have what is occurring it the Philadelphia School District -Mass Corruption and little to no qualified teachers. Do you want Joe Schmoe with no Education degree or background check to teach your son or daughter.
    Besides it is not about money but the rights to work in a safe environment. Before you judge–read what OCE actually wants to do:

  3. Philly says:

    fire them all and hire new teachers ! its time to run your company the way you want not the way the union wants

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