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CBS3 Helps Local Woman Complete ‘Bucket List’

Nicole Brewer reports…

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — For Melissa Weidenborner, the next three weeks are sure to be jam packed.

As the wife of a sergeant in the United States Army, she has compiled a bucket list of 100 things to do before her husband returns from his deployment in Iraq.

So far, she has accomplished fifty-five items on Melissa’s 100, the blog dedicated to her progress. She has done everything from indoor sky diving to becoming an extra on a television show.

On today’s list? Horseback riding, learning to change a tire, obtaining an autograph of Dennis Leary and enjoying a day at the spa, and CBS3’s Nicole Brewer helped her accomplish some of those things.

Now, there are only fifty more items left on Melissa’s 100 List. You can follow her progress here and send her a supportive tweet using the links below:!/Melissas100List

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One Comment

  1. CWood says:

    I think it is great that she is doing this while he is away. It helps to keep her mind off things that otherwise might take a toll on her and their relationship. I do have one question though, when her husband returns home is he going to be able to do his own top 100 bucket list and get that out of the way? Good luck to the two of them, wishing him a safe return home and Thank you for your service.

  2. FRANK T says:


  3. Leslie T. says:

    Why is everyone beating up this girl? Her husband is defending our country! It’s awful and ridiculous to see how people have such hateful things to say about someone they don’t even know.

    1. CC says:

      it’s not the girl, it’s the story. it’s her way of coping, but it should of been left a human interest story to her friends and family only.

      1. Leslie T. says:

        And yet we’re all exposed to news stories about troops dying overseas and Paris Hilton all the time….those are so much better than this. I think this is an inspiring story.

      2. Kelly says:

        Oh, you like to only read about devastating/tragic news everyday? This a great, light, fun piece. Is it new to you? Then its news (haha get it?) GET.OVER.IT.

  4. Bob P says:

    This just sounds like a plea for attention. Go to a SPA while your husband is bravely serving our country and getting shot at? Pu-leaze!

    1. Sammy says:

      Melissa is a friend of mine, and that specific goal was made by her husband for her. Get real, buddy.

  5. ArmyWife says:

    As a military wife, I’m currently going through a deployment. The LAST thing I’d want to do during this time is to see how many “fun” things I can do while he is away! I went to the link to her 100 blog and read how she states she wants to show her husband that she can go without him and that her life isn’t on “pause” just because he’s away. Well let me tell you – I think I speak for many other military wives when I say, my life IS on pause with him gone. I don’t want to experience anything without him! Everyday I miss him and count down the days until he is home. That in no way, shape, or form makes us weak or insecure. It makes us SUPPORTIVE. So, please, take this as an example as how NOT to act while your husband’s away. Sure, occupying yourself helps but crossing off all these dreams without him? I know my husband wouldn’t feel very missed if I were to do that…
    Wives – Respect your husbands. Wait for him. Support him. There’s nothing wrong with “pausing” your life while he’s away..

    1. Ashley C. says:

      What’s wrong with you? I went to her link as well, and if you didn’t notice, her husband states that they are both doing a list together when he gets back. Some of the things, like volunteering and starting a fundraiser are very honorable. Who are you to judge how this girl spends her time?

      1. Melanie says:

        I have to agree with Ashley C. As a former military wife, I know how catty and immature military wives can be. You should be ashamed of yourself for being so critical of someone who’s just trying to make the best of a bad situation. Her husband is away at war! I suppose you’re just sitting at home twiddling your thumbs until your husband returns!

    2. Francis Houseman says:

      Sweetheart, get a clue. You’re bashing a girl who is choosing to handle her husbands deployment by living her life, CALL THE POLICE! Jesus, if her husband is fighting for his freedom, and she’s supporting him by doing 100 American/free/fun things while he’s away, some of which include charitable things, it sounds like a spot on army-wife-support-system to me. You have zero right to judge her for the way she handles her husband being thousands of miles away for months at a time. You pause your life, she lives hers, surprisingly opposites can live together in this world, shocking right? Your kind of hate and bullying is what the men overseas are fighting against.

      Get a better attitude and find something fun to do, if you need suggestions this girls blog has 100 of them!! :)

    3. Jessica Lange says:

      My sister is an army wife and I wish she would have done some of these things when her hubby was deployed overseas. She had a really hard time not putting her life on pause and it effected everything in her life. It’s nice to see someone put a positive spin on deployment for once…. also, I love the idea of a 100 list for her and her husband to do together…. I would love to do that for my boyfriend and I!

  6. ArmyWife says:

    As a military wife, I’m going through a deployment right now. The LAST thing I want to do is 100 “fun” things while my husband’s away! Deployments are tough, yes. Occupying yourself helps, of course. But to be on this little escapade makes a mockery of what all the rest of us military couples go through. Have more respect for your husband, and wait for him – not celebrate the fact that he’s not in you and your family’s life for such a long time.

    1. Ashley C. says:

      And P.S. I am a military wife going through a deployment, and we wives STICK TOGETHER not beat each other up! The only mockery here is how you’re treating one of your own!

  7. CC says:

    I cut out somethings in my first comment. i shouldn’t have. it really is a disgusting story and it’s sad… ever hear the term me generation….that describes it…a all about me blog. on one side i understand….that this young girl needed to keep busy with things so she didn’t lose her mind with worry…on the other side..why all about things she wants to do..isn’t this sgt going to let you do those things when he returns? why not a 100 things i did while you were serving your country? 1. send care packages. 2. volunteered USO. 3. kept you parents busy so they don’t worry. 4. helped with the family readiness group. 5. set up a bbq for the disabled Vets at the home… …Nicole…why is this a human interest story at all…

    1. jake p. says:

      A “disgusting story”? Your entire comment is ignorant and disgusting… it’s a blog about missing her husband and trying to occupy time while he’s gone.

  8. CC says:

    GREAT…wonderful….I hope the Sgt. what ever his name may be…(wasn’t mentioned in the text report) had 100 fun things to do while he sat baking in the 117 degree heat in his battle rattle. WHY is this even a story?

    Nicole, i hope they’ll give you real stories to report on soon.

  9. Samuel A. Maffei says:

    Um, the term “Bucket List” refers to things you want to do before you “kick the bucket”. Maybe should should make number 97, “…learn what the term ‘Bucket List’ really means.”

    1. Russel Doggs says:

      Melissa is well aware of what the term bucket list means, which is why she called her list the 100 List.

      Maybe you should make a list of how not to be a JERK

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