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Delaware Couple Arrested For Assaulting 3-Month-Old Baby

DOVER, Del. (CBS) — A Delaware couple has been arrested after police determined they were responsible for assaulting their 3-month-old daughter.

On Monday, August 29, Dover Police were called to the Bay Health Medical Center for reports of the possible assault of a 3-month-old baby girl.

An investigation revealed that the baby had multiple rib fractures and several large contusions to the face and head area.

It was also determined that the child was abused on multiple occasions and that the parents, James Schulz, 21, and Amber Caldwell, 19, had inflicted the injuries.

Both Schulz and Caldwell were arrested on charges of Assault and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

They are being held on $80,000 bond.

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  • Guess Who

    Too young and stupid to be breeding.

  • Jon

    Ya need a license to catch a fish, ya need a license to own a dog…but any a–hole can have a kid!

    • Diana

      i could’nt have said it better!!! Jon, that was nicely put and I totally agree with you!!!

  • Carolyn

    p.s. I can’t understand how anyone, who carries a child to birth, could turn on it because the child cried for one thing or another, they’re only babies!!!
    Furthermore, with all of the birth control on the market, there is virtually no reason why she should have gotten pregnant if she didn’t want it…DAH!!!

  • kate

    is this a misprint?$80,000 bail ? is should be 8 million- and bottom line an animal would care for it’s young better.
    both should go to jail forever and then straight to hell on their death.
    give the baby to someone who wants a child and can’t have one, forget giving it to their families

  • Amy

    They need to be sterilized, seriously. I don’t see why people like this are allowed to have a second chance at having kids. The sad thing is that they will get out of prison and have more kids.

  • Carolyn

    How pathetic they both look, FRY THEM!!!

  • Lou Shack

    I think they ought to be shot, just saying, SMH!

  • Mommyof2

    i can’t even fathom how someone can hurt their child and cause them such terrible pain. i have a hard enough time telling my kids no cause i feel bad when they cry….children are so innocent and it turns my stomach & breaks my heart when i read stuff like this. i can’t even imagine how much pain this baby must of gone through. i guess on a lighter note, at least the babygirl is still alive and has a chance now at having a good home, not like other children who have died by their parents hands. i hope these monsters never are able to have kids again and don’t get their baby back, ever!

  • JB

    Kill ’em both. Just slaughter them today. What the hell is wrong with people? There’s just no words for something this disgusting. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  • Jane Doe

    Someone needs to take a baseball bat to these sickos. Poor innocent baby. She was depending on you to CARE for her. She’s helpless. You stink!

    • rashidah r


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