CBS Radio Announces The Debut Of SportsRadio 94 WIP

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (CBS) -– SportsRadio 610 WIP will debut at 94.1FM on Tuesday, September 6th at 5:30am with Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team. WIP, the heritage Philadelphia sports radio station will be heard on 94.1FM, expanding its reach, exposing the award-winning programming to a more wide-ranging audience and enhancing the overall listening experience.

The station’s new weekday programming schedule will be highlighted by WIP veterans and the addition of Philadelphia sports broadcasting icon Michael Barkann.

Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team with Rhea Hughes and Al Morganti:
Each morning a Philly favorite former athlete joins the show for unique insight into sports. Among the guests include Keith Jones (Flyers) and Ricky Bottalico (Phillies), as well as a Philadelphia Eagle to be named at a later date.

The Mike and Ike Show:
Featuring current Comcast SportsNet host Michael Barkann and former Eagle All Pro Ike Reese, this show will provide listeners with unparalleled analysis, and opinions from the biggest names in sports.

Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow:
WIP’s highly successful midday show moves to late afternoon. The duo has consistently been Philadelphia’s No. 1 most listened to sports show in their current timeperiod.

Rob Ellis or sports play-by-play

Overnights will be handled by Big Daddy Graham, broadcasting from 2:00-5:30AM.

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One Comment

  1. stosh12663 says:

    Love the new sound and clarity. But whats with the 1970’s AM radio style news update intros??

  2. One More Chnace says:

    I cannot believe how many commercials 94 WIP plays in 30 minutes. I tuned in to listen to Anthony and Glen and in 30 minutes I heard 12 minutes of sports talk and 18 minutes of commercials. Hey Mr program director this ratio sucks!!! I’ll give you one more week and if it doesn’t change, I’ll go to ESPN radio on the other FM station in Philly

  3. PJK says:

    WYSP fans special order a 1/128 gig I-Pod, pick and download your favorite 12 songs from their 20 song playlist and then you’ll have a commercial-free YSP. Enjoy!!!

  4. Mike in Philly says:

    How about putting KYW on FM as well….

  5. sammysamples says:

    Maybe they could put WYSP at AM 610 instead of completely removing it.

  6. toli says:

    its a shame. loved wysp and the music. i still cant believe rock is dying a slow death. at least we still have justin beeeberr and 60 cents. fu#*~%

    1. musicjunkie says:

      I don’t understand why the sports just can’t stay on AM radio or pick another station on FM. Why did WYSP have to be singled out since we don’t have many rock stations to being with. I will most certainly miss the rock I grew up with.
      (PS. I hate Justin Beiber. Long live the MIGHTY METALLICA!)

  7. Peter says:

    Not too many satisfied customers here

  8. mike in Philly says:

    Hope they get more and better advertising – instead of running the same 4 ads for 3 months

  9. Mike says:

    I will never watch, listen or support CBS because of this move. From here on out I will make sure family and friends boycott CBS. Bad move CBS!!!!!

  10. Ben says:

    If we have to lose the music, at least give us ALL 4 teams on FM

  11. Seymour says:

    What idiot thought this would be a good idea needs to be fired. 4 sports talkers in Philly. CBS radio all talk no action. Bring back WYSP. Someone please get another rock station going in this town.

  12. PJK says:

    WYSP = Same old worn out ,eaten and thrown up songs, makes me want too rip off my ears!!!

  13. RR says:

    I can’t believe they think this is going to work. Just what we don’t need is another talk station. Guaranteed it tanks in less than a year. They should have kept the rock and roll!

    1. musicjunkie says:

      LONG LIVE ROCK N’ ROLL!! At least we have 93.3 and 104.5.


    Who’s on from 10pm-2am?? Wish ANthony and Ike was the 1 to 6pm show..
    Katie Morgan… that will live up that spot.. lol

    WIP & Comcsst should come to a Deal to Broadcast the Miday & Afternoon show.. sort of like what ESPN does with the Mike & Mike show.. it would create huge ratings and advertising dollars for both Netwoks and bring a bigger audience..

  15. Peter says:

    And this is a good thing? The web pages for Channel 6 and Channel 10 are not reporting thiis. Could this be news here because the same company owne Kyw and WYSP?

  16. Mike in Philly says:

    What about Paul Jolowicz?? He is the best on that station and only gets to work zombie hours..

  17. Burt B. says:

    WYSP hasn’t sounded better in a long time than it has this past week. Instead of the same songs over and over you’ve been playing deeper tracks. It’s been especially good in the morning – lots of music. Throw in a few minutes of news, weather, sports, and traffic and you’d have had a great morning show.

  18. musicjunkie says:

    R.I.P WYSP “The Rock You Grew Up With” you gave me so many years of great music and concerts. I will miss you. Satellite radio is looking better and better.

  19. PJ Nieri says:

    Please, Please Please….. Move the Phillies over top this station, and give back to us politic junkies, the Big Talker in the summer.

    1. Johnyk88 says:

      I think the most likely plan for games on CBS radio beginning with the 2012 MLB season will be as follows:

      Nearly all Phillies games will be on WIP 94.1 FM. Sunday Phils games will be on both 94.1 and WPHT 1210 AM. When the Philles and Eagles are playing at the same time the Phillies will be on 1210 AM and the Eagles will be on 94.1 FM. Such a scenario would eliminate the problem of having daytime weekday Philles games preempt the political talk format on WPHT by putting Phillies games where they belong, on WIP a sports talk station. Having Phillies games on WIP before now would not have been acceptable due to the weak, scratchy signal of 610 AM but with the move to 94.1 FM, having baseball on WIP makes perfect sense.

      Sixers games will probably be on 94.1 WIP until the beginning of the baseball season when there will be conflicts with the Phillies which would probably bump the Sixers to 610 or 1210 and the same would hold true for the Flyers. When there is a three sport conflict CBS radio always has 98.1 FM WOGL.

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