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Pennsylvania Lawmakers Want Philadelphia School Reform Commission Abolished

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Some Pennsylvania state lawmakers want to get rid of the five-member panel that runs Philadelphia’s public schools, and return control to the city.

Calling the School Reform Commission’s removal of superintendent Arlene Ackerman a “sideshow,”  state senator Mike Stack stood with several of his Democratic colleagues outside the school district’s headquarters on North Broad Street and announced legislation to abolish the SRC.

“The last six months have been a debacle of planning, financial mismanagement, a leadership vacuum and a human resource crisis,” he said.

Stack’s bill would replace the SRC with a nine-member elected school board, and it would give the mayor the power to appoint the superintendent.

Two similar bills have been introduced in the Pennsylvania House, But the idea faces an uncertain future in the Republican-controlled legislature.

Reported by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio 1060

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  1. ANGRY and FRUSTRATED teacher says:

    My question is….. what will this do about school violence and overall quality of education? I believe the major topics of concern should be the safet, welfare, and education of the students, and the safety and welfare of the teachers. As a teacher who would love to teach in Philadelphia, but scared of getting beat up (or worse) by students or other people in the area, I have steered clear of applying in Philadelphia, even though I am still without a teaching job. I have taught in a Catholic school in Philadelphia and had to quit due to violence and NO help or support from administration of the school. I was scared to go to work. What will be done about the some of the students’ complete lack of respect for teachers and other authority in the school? What about when students retaliate because they were disciplined for THEIR poor behavior choices? Will the teacher be reprimanded because some students absolutely refuse to listen and cooperate with the teachers and staff of the school? I know I ask a lot of questions but until I know I can go to work, teach, leave work safely, there is no way I will apply to Philadelphia School District. I have a family and can not risk my life. Remember Frank Burd? So sad that teachers are hated so much. Only speaking for myself, I have never disrespected a student or their family. I have treated students with compassion, kindness, and taught them to the best of my ability, and still was called all sorts of horrible names when I taught in Philadelphia. I never felt respected by the students from the first day of school. Unfortunately, they missed out on learning and actually having a good time in my class. They never gave me a chance.

    1. JFP says:

      Violence in Catholic school ? I find it hard to believe you had to quit , because bad kids are kicked out pronto. You sound like you’re just trying to smeer Catholic schools because U.S. public schools are international JOKE.

    2. Hater says:

      Sorry, I gotta go with JFP and call BS on your story. As a professional teacher, you should know how to earn respect from your students. Sounds to me that maybe you’re the problem here. I think Frank Burd taught at Gtown high, a public school. On a different note, could someone teach that woman in the photo how to dress?

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