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North Philadelphia Woman Allegedly Mauled To Death By Family Dogs

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Police are investigating an incident in which a woman was allegedly mauled to death by her own dogs in North Philadelphia.

According to police, the victim’s husband called 911 at about 6:40 p.m. Tuesday evening to say that he came home to find the family’s dogs attacking his wife in the 400 block of West Carey Street.

“There was a lot of blood… There may have been a struggle because the house appeared to be in disarray,” said Chief Inspector Scott Smalls.

Police responded to the residence and secured the family’s five pit-bulls in one room.

The victim, a 50-year-old woman, was pronounced dead at the scene.

SPCA Animal-control officers were called to the scene to remove the dogs.

“Homicide is going to investigate, the scene is going to be processed and tomorrow the medical examiner will do a full autopsy to determine the cause of death,” said Smalls.

This incident remains under police investigation.

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One Comment

  1. Annie says:

    North Philly? The dogs were beaten and not fed.

  2. Mandy Boo says:

    I have a Pitbull and she is like my daughters best friend. She is an awesome dog with a really rough past. All she craves is love and attention. I have never had any issues with her being mean or roung with my daughter. She wont even play with my daughter because she dont wanna be to rough and hurt her. My daughter cries she is the first on there lookin at her and making sure that she is okay! I hate it that whenever somebody gets hurt they always blame the breed. Well its not the dogs fault. If you raise them around kids and treat them with love and respect you will get it back. They are the most protective and loyal dog anybody could have. You just gotta know how to raise them and take care of them. People should be trained in order to own one of these dogs. I dont know what I would do without my Pit. She is the best, well minded, loyal dog I have ever had!!!

  3. Tess says:

    Please every time there is any incident that involve this breed all the ignorance comes to surface, I think more humans kill humans than dogs killing humans. Anyway, my money is on the husband playing coverup. 5 dogs in one household is not obsurd, and pits are only a product of human intervention. Dogs do not just suddenly turn on a human for no reason and certainly not a small pack like this, I think in time the truth will surface and all the Pit haters out their can eat their small minded words and ingnorant ideas.

  4. m lohmiller says:

    I’m thinking maybe the husband beat and killed her and is trying to blame the dogs

  5. Common Sense says:

    Where’s the Jennifer Utley dip who saves these awful animals (“my pits”, weep)? Anytime one hits a shelter it ought to be euthanized.

  6. Casher O says:

    I have cats — they never attacked me once!

  7. susie says:

    you are so right what in the world do you need with that many dogs..but the news were saying this morning that the woman was scared of them anyway, but my husband, cousin, sister or brother, not even the president would have dogs, cats or whatever on my house if i am scared of them.

  8. Lisa says:

    It’s crazy to have 5 Pits in a small house. You really shouldn’t have two of the same gender Pits living together. Owners of Pits should be well informed about owning the breed. They are also very loving and smart. They are protectors and it’s all in how you raise them.

    1. Noelle says:

      Not sure why so many people are misinfformed about having same gender pitbulls in one house… I have had no problems for the past 20+ years. Another myth.

  9. CC says:

    anybody read Gus’ comment. he was bit by those dogs. did you see the news reports?, they bit several other neighbors as well. 5 dogs in a little row house. i bet they are the husbands and he’s been keeping fighting dogs in the house. Gus, have the neighbors been to afraid to stand up to this guy and his dogs? did he let them run loose or did he send them out to attack people. what’s your story with what happened when you were bit by them. how did it happen?

    1. Carol M. says:

      CC: Just what I was thinking. Why would anyone keep 5 pit bulls inside a house, if you weren’t using them to fight? No one needs that many dogs for protection.

      1. Filthy_Rat says:

        “No one needs that many dogs for protection.”

        Agreed. In Philly, you need MORE than 5, lol.

    2. Gus says:

      The neighborhood has caed spca numerous of times about them – the crazy part is that he’s not supposed to have dogs .. Has a case with the spca and all – yet they have those dogs back . The dogs had knocked the wife out the way, she feel to the pavement as she walked out. They ran off so me and my friend tried to contain them before they were able to hurt a child around our neighborhood , in the process an elderly lady was attacked, then myself. Spca eventually took them away and have them back like three days later. Its their fault alongwith the owners. She didn’t deserve that death .. But pit bulls are very living and kind , loyal – it depends how you raise them, along with any breed , doesn’t matter the size of the dog. Can’t blame them for what they are taught to be. But may carmen may find paradise and rest in peace . :/

  10. Dan says:

    Pedro you’re so uninformed about pit bulls its not even funny. Pits were bred to fight other dogs, to be animal aggressive not people aggressive. They were big money makers for the people who owned them and as such were kept with the family. Our rescued pit was shot, had his teeth broken out and ears cut off with scissors. He has no reason to love humans, yet we have had him for over 8 years now and have raised 3 children around him. He has NEVER shown any aggression towards them even they have jumped on him and knocked things on him. Pits are the best family dogs, period. Anyone who doesnt believe that is just ignorant.

    1. Carol M. says:

      And they can be trained to kill ANYTHING, including humans. Any dog can.

    2. Wilbur says:

      The number one domestic dog that kills and hurts people and other animals…..You guessed it… PIT BULLS!!!!

    3. Erica says:

      Right on Dan! I have two with my boys and they have never made one wrong move around my boys. My pitts are the best because we love and care for them, and most importently know how to own a pitty!

  11. jim says:

    Did that house have more dogs than people? Is she a Hoarder? Darn good questions.

  12. Clare Peterson says:

    I hada Collie/German Shepherd mix that tried to rip my throat out. This was in 1973, and I still have the scars. This dog had been nipping at everyone in the family, and drawing blood. Like idiots, we let it go on. Once dogs taste blood, they’ll always crave it. If the animal rights people disagree, let them deal with the lacerating pain of dog bites!

  13. Jas says:

    I like how people assume the dogs attacked her for no reason. My old neighbor was drunk and started smacking her son around and their pit bit her in the ankle to stop her

  14. Amos Haynes says:

    The owner of the dogs should go to jail for a good 10 years.
    She was just attacked and now she is dead. Send a message to all owners.

  15. Liz F. says:

    Shame on the humans who made these dogs so aggresive. Terrible that this woman died, but “pit bulls” are not much worse than other breeds. Been attacked by our neighbors’ Lab mix on many occasions. Rescued a Staffordshire terrier 1 year ago who has been a wonderful companion whose main fault is wanting to lick everyone she meets. Stop condemming the poor animals and fault the owners. Thanks

  16. Johanna says:

    scl, you obviously need to research more because there are many deaths from other breeds. And Charw, you’re an idiot.

    Any breed of dog is dangerous. It’s just how you raise them. You give an idiot a dog, clearly the dog is going to be aggressive.

  17. Gus says:

    That’s cause that guy david is an idiot – you a nut for that , grow up already .

  18. Gus says:

    I was attacked by the same dogs last week – and it isn’t the dodd fault they’re the way they are . Its the owners , its all on how you raise them – but those dogs should have been put down last week and this could have been prevented . Sad ….

    1. Kendra DeFrancisco Godshall says:

      did you file a report after you got attacked?

  19. Pedro Queeman-Dixon says:

    Again, I say I love dogs. I worked dogs with a K-9 Security Company. Pit Bull Dogs were never breed as family passive pets. They were mainly used in warehouses because of there aggressiveness to get whom-ever they are going after. Never stopping until they get them. They are very stupid short tempered dogs. When they latch on to you or anything you damn near need a steel pipe to hit them in the jaw to get them to let go. the more angry the get the harder to hold. They are a go for the throat type dogs when they attack. If they latch on to it they will rip it out.

    1. Donna says:

      Remember Petey from the Little Rascals? A Pit Bull. They were family pets until idiots started to own them. They are without a doubt the sweetest digs I have ever known, but that is because I dont know any low class idiots who own any. I will alwayys have a pit in my life. There is no better dog.

      1. Donna says:

        And by the way when strangers come over I have to put my miniature dachshund in the bathroom cause he will go after someone and not stop. By my pit loves people. We got the weenie for protection ;)

      2. Wilbur says:

        How many people have miniature dachshunds KILLED???

    2. Noelle says:

      Are you insane? The pitbull is one of the smartest dogs around! And you a 100%WRONG about the history of the dog, I don’t care if where you worked, your absolutely 100% wrong. look it up.

    3. Steff says:

      You do know you’re a moron right? Pit bulls are actually known as nanny dogs in England because they are so great with children. I really wouldn’t ever want to rely on your K-9 security company with an idiot like you working there, who obviously knows nothing about dog breeds. Pit bulls are also extremely smart dogs. Idiot.

      1. Britgirl says:

        I have to assume you have NEVER been to England!! I am English and it is illegal to breed pitbulls in the UK, illegal to own an un-neutered pitbull and you cannot go out on public with an unmuzzled or unleashed pit bull. It is considered a dangerous dog (along with Akita’s, Rotties, Presa de Canario’s etc) and as such is subject to the Dangerous Dogs Act which was brought into law due to the violent acts of these animals.
        I think you might wish to review the definition of moron.

      2. Steff says:

        Um, ok, sorry typo, they WERE known as nanny dogs in England. Which, do your research about your country, and it’s true. A little psycho are we???

      3. Noelle says:

        They were nanny dogs and they were used by our military due to the fact of their courageous nature and their brains. The farmers would leave their kids with the pitbulls and the rest of the family would go work the farms without having to worry about anyone bothering their children. That is the dog’s history and when times became bad they were used as fighting dogs because they were NOT people aggressive and because they were strong and smart and could be easily trained to do whatever their masters wanted.. which included fighting. By nature these dogs want to please their owners more than any other breed. Why do you think the shelters are flooded with theses dogs? They are bred by idiots who want to fight them and then discover that by nature they are not aggressive dogs, so they become garbage to the idiots and are cast away into our shelters . facts..And people who speak about them who have no knowledge should zip it!

  20. Kath Scullion says:

    I bet it’s not even a true pit bull. they label anything that doesn’t look like a golden Retriever as a pit. BTW – Just saw an interview with a guy who had a Golden bite a girl in the face during a dog training class. Of course the media did not come out and cover that story…..

    1. Gus says:

      No, they’re pits .

  21. Charw says:

    Too many murders with Pit Bulls. A pregnant women was murdered by her Pitt Bull just recently. Perhaps we can slowly weed out that breed. I know that is difficult to hear if you are a dog lover, but there are nicer breeds to choose from out there.

    1. Liz says:

      May as well get rid of Shepards, Dobermans, Rottweilers, and Mastiffs too, being those breeds (unlike Pittbulls) are actually bred to be people aggressive.

      1. scl says:

        The problem with pit bulls is that when they get a grip they don’t let go. Usually the people that die or lose a limb to a pit bull have more than one. I havent heard of any Rottweilers, Dobermans or Mastiffs killing anyone in our area but there is a new pit bull kill every day. I think it’s partly the owners fault. My neighbor had wonderfully nice pits but they got in a fight and she tried to break it up sticking her leg b/w them and she got bit by one.

    2. Noelle says:

      What we need to weed out is ignorant dog owners and ignorant people who spew incorrect information on the breed. That includes the media who are 300% more likely to report on an incident with a pitbull than with any other breed. Remember last summer kids were getting abducted all over the place and the media was so hot to trot.. now nothing.. kids are still getting abducted!!! the media isn’t interested anyone but pitbull incidents will always be big news. Ignorance, all of it.

    3. Noelle says:

      What we need to weed out is ignorant dog owners and ignorant people who spew incorrect information on the breed. That includes the media who are 300% more likely to report on an incident with a pitbull than with any other breed. Remember last summer kids were getting abducted all over the place and the media was so hot to trot.. now nothing.. kids are still getting abducted!!! the media isn’t interested anyone but pitbull incidents will always be big news. Ignorance, all of it.

      1. Lisa says:

        I completely agree Noelle!!! It’s nice to know that at least someone isn’t against them. It’s the lack of training and knowledge owners have over Pits and the owners who abuse the dogs that make the dogs look like terrible animals.


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