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KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. (CBS) — The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has released a list of state roads throughout the Delaware Valley that may be closed or restricted due to flooding or downed trees and power lines caused by Hurricane Irene.

The following are the road closings in PennDOT Engineering District 6, which includes Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties, as of 4 p.m.:

Bucks County

Quarry Rd./Dark Hollow Rd./Creek Rd./Deep Run Rd. between Mt. Airy Rd. and Route 32 in Tinicum Twp. Downed tree with wires. 8/28/2011 00:15

Quarry Rd./Dark Hollow Rd./Creek Rd./Deep Run Rd. between Smithtown Rd. and Route 32 in Tinicum Twp. Flooding. 08/29/2011

Route 32 between Aquetong Rd. & Windy Bush Rd. in Solebury Twp. and New Hope Bor. Downed tree with wires and mudslide. 8/28/2011 01:15

Quarry Rd/Dark Hollow Rd/Creek Rd./Deep Run Rd. between Smithtown Rd./Iron Bridge Rd. and Route 32 in Tinicum Twp. Flooding. 8/28/2011 01:20

Route 263 between Street Rd. and Aquetong Rd. in Buckingham and Solebury twps. Flooding. 8/28/2011 01:30

Pine Grove Rd./Taylorsville Rd./Main St./Yardley Morrisville Rd. between Goat Farm Ln. and Aqueduct Rd. in Upper Makefield Twp. Downed Utility – Low Hanging Wires. 8/28/2011 04:15

Route 32 between Letchworth Ave. and Afton Ave. in Yardley Bor. Flooding. 8/28/2011 04:20

Fretz Valley Rd/Geigle Hill Rd/Creamery Rd between Permanent School Rd. and Upper Tinicum Church Rd. in Tinicum Twp. Downed trees, utility pole and wires. 8/28/2011 08:14

Fretz Valley Rd./Geigle Hill Rd./Creamery Rd. between Deer Run Rd. and Sweet Briar Rd. in Bedminster Twp. Flooding. 8/28/2011 08:15

Route 32 between Trenton Ave./Calhoun St. and Taylorsville Rd. in Lower Makefield and Upper Makefield twps. Flooding 08/28/2011 10:04

Route 32 between Laurel Rd. and Upper York Rd. in Solebury Twp. Flooding 08/28/2011 10:08

Trevose Rd./Old Street Rd./Brownsville Rd. between Creek Rd. and Periwinkle Ave. in Lower Southampton and Middletown twps. Flooding 08/28/2011 10:15

Route 232 between Tapeworn Rd. and Swamp Rd. in Northampton and Wrightstown twps. Flooding 08/28/2011 10:21

Route 332 between Saint Leonards Rd. and Hanover St. in Northampton and Newtown twps. Flooding 08/28/2011 10:30

Route 532 between Diamond Dr./Mill Pond Rd. and Rose St. in Newtown and Lower Southampton twps. Flooding 08/28/2011 10:35

Old Lincoln Highway at Bristol Road in Bensalem Twp. Bridge 08/28/2011 13:06

Route 32 between Cafferty Rd. and Bridgeton Hill Rd. in Tinicum and Bridgeton twps. Flooding 08/28/2011 17:24

Sugar Bottom Rd./Pebble Hill Rd./Green St. between Edison-Furlong Rd. and Shady Sping Dr. in Doylestown Twp. Downed Tree 08/28/2011 17:32

Otter St./State Rd./Mill St./Radcliff St. between Tennis Ave. and Station Ave. in Bensalem Twp. Downed Utility. 08/29/2011

Chester County

Pottstown Pk./Chadds Ford Rd./Creek Rd./High St. between Street Rd. and Creek Rd./Lenape Rd. in Birmingham Twp. Flooding. 8/27/2011 22:00

Route 282 between Branch Ct. and Springton Rd. in Wallace Twp. Downed Trees 08/28/2011 14:10

Route 282 between Devereux Rd. and Marshall Rd. in Wallace Twp. Downed Trees with wires 08/28/2011 14:13

Route 282 between Manor Rd. and Pumpkin Hill Rd. in West Nantmeal Twp. Downed Utility 08/28/2011 15:36

Creek Rd. between Creek Rd. and New Rd. in West Nantmeal Twp. Downed utility 08/28/2011 18:00

Creek Rd./Fairview Rd./Lewis Mill Rd. between Park Ln. and Devereux Rd. in Wallace Twp. Downed utility 08/28/2011 18:37

Yellow Springs Rd./Chester Springs Rd./Hollow Rd./Art School Rd. between Route 113 and Route 29 in West Pikeland and Charlestown twps. Downed tree 08/29/2011 06:22

Newark Rd. between Route 926 and Clonmell Upland Rd. in West Marlborough Twp. Downed Utility. 08/29/2011

Goodhope Rd./Penn Green Rd. between Lauren Height Rd. and Egypt Run in New Garden Twp. Downed Utility. 08/29/2011

Northbrook Rd./Brandywine Rd. at Warpath Rd. in Newlin Twp. Down Utility. 08/29/2011

Delaware County

Ridge Rd. between the Delaware state line and Ring Road in Chadds Ford Twp. Downed Tree 08/28/2011 11:00

Valley Rd./Darlington Rd./ New Darlington Rd. between Darlington Rd. and Forge Rd. in Middletown Twp. Downed Tree 08/28/2011 11:38

Lansdowne Ave./Darby Rd./Main St. between Marple Rd. and College Ave. in Haverford Twp. Downed Utility 08/28/2011 15:15

Lansdowne Ave./Darby Rd./Main St. between Radnor Rd./Scarlet Oak Dr. and Brennan Dr. in Haverford Twp. Downed Tree 08/29/2011

Church Ln./Marple Rd. between Anthony Ave. and Colet Court in Marple Twp. Downed Tree. 08/29/2011

Conestoga Rd. between Montross Ave. and Locust Grove Tr. in Radnor Twp. Downed tree. 08/29/2011

Darby Paoli Rd. between Colony Rd./Briarwood Rd. and Lawrence Ln. in Radnor Twp. Downed Tree. 08/29/2011

Llewelyn Rd./Aston Mills Rd./Birney Hw. between Concord Rd./Convent Rd. and Lenni Rd. in Aston Twp. Downed Tree with wires 08/29/2011 09:03

Montgomery County

Keim St. between Buchert Rd. and Valley Rd. in Lower Pottsgrove Twp. Downed Tree with wires. 8/27/2011 23:01

Keim St. between Yerger Rd. and Charlotte St. in Lower Pottsgrove Twp. Downed Tree with wires. 08/29/2011

Route 23 between Mancill Mill Rd. and Beidler Rd. in Upper Merion Twp. Flooding and Downed Tree. 8/28/2011 00:07

Level Rd./Anders Rd./Yerkes Rd./Evansburg Rd. between Ivy Lane and Miller Rd. Downed tree with wires. 8/28/2011 02:07

Water St./Mill Rd. between Mill Rd. and SkipRouteck Creek Rd. in Skippack Twp. Flooding. 8/28/2011 02:25

Park Ave. between Pawlings Rd. and Audubon Rd. in Lower Providence Twp. Flooding. 08/28/2011 06:25

Washington Ln. between Welsh Rd. and Terwood Rd. in Lower Moreland Twp. Flooding. 08/29/2011

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