Rowan University Houses Hurricane Evacuees, Moves Back Start Date For Fall Semester

Stephanie Stahl reports…

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Rowan University is feeling the impact of Hurricane Irene on many fronts. Not only is the university at capacity housing evacuees, it has now moved back the date that school starts for the semester.

Rowan has become a temporary shelter for more than 1,200 people. Evacuees are staying in the Esby Gym and Recreation Center and will remain on campus through the storm.

Though the Red Cross is on site with more than 50 volunteers providing assistance, the organization–along with the university–is urging volunteers to drop off supplies, as the shelter is running short on items like non-perishable foods, fruit, sandwiches and other items. They are also asking people to come out and volunteer their time.

“We need some additional food, and we need some volunteers to come down tonight and early tomorrow,” Dr. Ali Houshmand, the president of Rowan University, said.

The campus itself closed at 5 p.m. on Friday until after the hurricane is over and any damage has been assessed.

Students who are staying on campus Saturday reported to the Information Desk in the Student Center, where they were being sheltered overnight through the storm.

Convocation has been canceled for Monday, August 29thand will not be rescheduled.

Classes were scheduled to begin on Thursday, September 1st and were pushed back to Tuesday, Sept. 6th due to the impact of the evacuees and the possible damage from the hurricane.

Reported By Stasia DeMarco, CBSPhilly

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One Comment

  1. Erfy Schmerfy says:

    Ignorant ghetto trash, they don’t work, they just take handouts.
    I’m sick of these people!

  2. renee' catagnus says:

    I saw the same interview, & i was disgusted more than i can say!!i’ve lived through hurricanes in florida, & evacuated more than once. My Mom & i brought food and things for my children & ourselves.We were grateful to have a SAFE PLACE!! We didn’t demand others to supply our needs! And we had to sleep on the floor. next time, maybe there won’t be room for ingrates.I’m very proud of the students! More people should follow the example they set.

  3. Mary says:

    I hope Rowan is keeping the students who are on campus safe…Thes ungreatfull people need to get on a bus and go back to atlantic city…Why would mothers not bring formula and diapers for thier babies…they get them for Free any way?… did these people think they were going to sleep in the dorms with hot showers and homecooked meals?……We should not be surprised by the reaction of these people…they get too much handed to them by our goverment so they feel intitled to everything…I did see that many people did bring thier ciggerettes to smoke >> I think many of them should be made to clean the gym and rec room and porta potties before they leave to go home

  4. Evan says:

    As a Rowan student, I am disgusted that I was forced to leave campus (I moved in early) so they could have more room to shelter these rude & ungrateful people. I am fortunate to live about 2 hours away & was able to get a ride home, but I am very disappointed in the way Rowan treated their tuition paying students. Some of the workers in the residence life office were very rude to me & my father when I asked about having access to my belongings in my apartment. To see the President of my school more concerned about these people than his students is disheartening. As a student-athlete I hope that the gym will be thoroughly cleaned & disinfected whenever the people leave, because I sure as hell don’t want to be anywhere in the building otherwise. Stay safe everyone & go Profs!

  5. Thomas says:

    I feel sorry for the Reporter and volunteers, that have to put up with ghetto trash.

  6. Duane says:

    I hear you. Watching the interview of these lazy people is disgusting; complaining they have to sleep on cots, that the FREE food is lousy, and that they have to use port a potties. There is one woman who said she’s been there since yesterday… Wasn’t the weather fine yesterday? How about walking your lazy backside to a restaurant? Do they not take your food stamps? I am sure the local grocery store will.

  7. Diane says:

    Why is it when there is an important Live news broadcast, there are IDIOTS in the background flashing gang signs and strutting around.

  8. Deb Crosby says:

    I am watching your newscast about Rowan University. What a wonderful thing they did . What ungrateful people your newscast is showing! Oh poor them , complaining about the food and bathrooms. I think they should go home and complain there! You are wasting your time and newscast on showing those “you owe me something people” Why not just focus on all those that gave up their time to serve others! For goodness sake, the worst hasn’t hit yet and we have to listen to those cry babies!! Come on lets focus on the positive energy here!!!. Your reporters, station and viewers deserve better! Thanks to all who are giving unselfishly.

  9. susan says:

    Why is it that the people at Rowan are expected to provide food to people being sheltered there. They could easily pack a few sandwiches and drinks and be fine. I am so tired of people that expect handouts from volunteers. The people interviewed are rude and as far as I’m concerned could stand to lose a few pounds. I’m sure skipping a meal will not be the end of the world.

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