By Mike DeNardo

CAPE MAY COUNTY, NJ (CBS) – Many residents have evacuated the New Jersey shoreline in advance of Hurricane Irene. Some didn’t leave until the last minute.

Irene is bringing torrential rain, flooding tides and high winds, says Cape May County spokeswoman Lenora Boninfante.

“We expect strong tropical force winds overnight with the storm paralleling Cape May County before daybreak.”

Boninfante says access to many barrier islands will be cut-off at some point, and she estimates a 95% compliance rate for the mandatory evacuation.

“It’s estimated that under 10,000 people remain in Cape May County out of the nearly 800,000 people that were here at the beginning of the week.”

Dan Kronmiller boarded up the windows and cleared anything that could move off the deck of his shore house in Sea Isle City. Dan was heading home to Chalfont to ride out the storm and he says, with any luck, he’ll have a shore house to return to. “Hopefully, I won’t find much as far as any damage. I’m kind of hoping that it’s minor and that all the preparations that I took to secure everything — I hope that it turns out.”

Mike and Carol Goldstein of North Wales are among the evacuees. Carol says they left their vacation house in Sea Isle this morning, concerned about what they may come back to.

“We are (concerned). There’s nothing we can do. It’s out of our hands.”

Reported by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio 1060 Guide To Hurricane Irene

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