5:40 Hurricane Irene has its sights set on the Jersey Shore and Philadelphia area. 

irene 1999 satellite Stigall Show Log 5.26.11

6:10 Chris is not panicked about Irene and wonders what the news will be Monday if the storm doesn’t make a direct hit.

6:41 Attorney Stephen Murphy joins Chris to discuss a Pennsylvania Court abolishing the state liquor law.

7:10 On Finance Friday, Chris talks to Steve Cordasco about Ben Bernanke’s upcoming speech and Warren Buffett investing in Bank of America.

7:42 NJ Office of Emergency Management officer Mary Goepfert updates Chris on when and where to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irene.

residents evacuating ahead of hurricane bret Stigall Show Log 5.26.11

8:12 Sen. Joe Lieberman joins Chris to discuss the importance of the Sabbath, in his book “Gift of Rest”

1288021844355 Stigall Show Log 5.26.11

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