By Chris Stigall

5:41 Chris is looking ahead to Hurricane Irene this weekend and Newsman Paul Perrilo remembers the flooding of Hurricane Floyd in ’99.

6:10 Charles Krauthammer ripped Joe Biden for his comments that China’s One-Child policy is understandable.

6:16 Apple CEO Steve Jobs announces he will step down effective immediately.

steve jobs Stigall Show Log 8.25.11

6:40 Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz is getting more CEOs to join his pledge to withhold campaign contributions until Washington gets its act together.

7:12 Karl Rove says Sarah Palin needs a thicker skin regarding speculation whether she will run for president.

7:15 Camden will pay high school students $100 each to not skip school. 

100 dollar bill Stigall Show Log 8.25.11

7:27 Greenwich, CT wants the TV show “What Would You Do?” to stop filming there.   Chris wonders who would sign off to appearing on the show.

7:45 The media continues to cite polls that show 51% of Americans blame Bush for the economy despite Obama’s poor poll numbers.

7:50 The ‘Hot Sauce Mom’ has been convicted of child abuse.

8:12 Local attorney and activist Leon Williams says Arlene Ackerman was fired for political and racial reasons.

8:41 Deborah Norville, host of Inside Edition joins Chris  to talk earthquakes, hurricanes and Obama’s vacation.

norville 10 14 Stigall Show Log 8.25.11

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