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Pa. Senate Vote On Voter ID Bill Not Certain For Fall

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – A spokesman for the state Senate Republican leader says there’s a lot of interest in a House-passed bill that would require voter photo ID’s, but says the support of the Corbett administration doesn’t change the equation much.

The bill that would require voters to show photo ID at Pennsylvania polling places passed the House in June amid heated, emotional debate, with Democrats claiming voters will be disenfranchised by an effort to crack down on voter fraud they say doesn’t exist.

Erik Arneson – spokesman for Chester Republican Dominic Pileggi, the Senate majority leader – says there are many Senate Republicans interested in the bill and it could get a vote this fall, but it’s not a slam dunk “It’s not, no. We have not had a full discussion on the issue with the caucus and until that happens, everything is uncertain.”

This week, the Corbett administration’s top election official announced her support for the bill, and while Arneson says knowing the administration’s position is helpful, he says it doesn’t substantially change the prospects for a vote.

Reported by Harrisburg Bureau Chief Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Alana Miller says:

    This is a step in the wrong direction. The law will cost millions of dollars to implement and create unnecessary barriers to voting for Pennsylvanians.

    With the state making tough budget choices, legislators should look at the real problems Pennsylvanians face, instead of wasting money on a problem that doesn’t exist in the state. Some estimates say it will cost nearly $10 million a year to implement a state-wide voter ID program – an utter waste of money.

    Additionally, the law will suppress voters, disenfranchising those who can’t get the proper bureaucratic paperwork, regardless of their voting eligibility. Students and young voters are disproportionately impacted. This sends the wrong message – we should be encouraging, not discouraging, the next generation of voters.

    Pennsylvania Public Interest Research Group urges the state Senate to reject the voter ID requirement. The Legislature should get back to dealing with real problems.

  2. grumpy says:

    So, where are these cases of voter fraud? Can a list be found on where these cases happened? I think not.
    More smoke and mirrors by the Grand Obstructionist Party!
    How about a JOBS BILL????????????

  3. Linda D Bryant says:


    Thank God I have plenty of identification to take to the POLLS in 2012!!!!!

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