PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – All dogs, regardless of mixed breeds or purebreds, may have some type of hereditary trait that can help you to determine what exercises and activities your dog would enjoy. Look to certain breed types for ideas. For example, shepherds, collies, border collies, etc., as well as shepherd or collie mixes, are active, alert, and observant. They are also very intelligent and need mental challenges as well as physical exercise. Frisbee, fetch, or running may be enjoyable to them or maybe enroll them in a search and rescue or agility class.

Retrievers, Setters and Spaniels usually love the water so swimming may be the activity of choice. Beagles, dachshunds, bloodhounds, and terriers love to track so a tracking class may be an option to keep your canine friend alert, active and happy.

Do some research on the breed. With mixed breeds, try different activities but remember, not all dogs respond to breed specific activities and you never ever want to force any activity on a dog that’s seems to be uncomfortable. Sometimes just a bonding experience with you is enough, maybe through hiking, biking, or just walking, which all dogs universally enjoy. (Remember, you need to take your dog on a daily walk anyway!) Just make sure it’s something that your dog enjoys and you can do together. And of course take into consideration the age and the health of your dog first.

Reported By Nan Talleno, KYW Newsradio

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