Anti-Truancy Program At Camden HS Pays Students For Not Skipping Class

CAMDEN, NJ (CBS) – Some high school students in Camden will be paid at the end of September for attending school and not skipping out.

It’s called ICE-T, which stands for “I Can End Truancy,” and it’s being funded by a state grant. If students attend most of the classes, they will receive $100 on September 30th. Susan Goyins is vice principal at Camden High School and says most of the students in the program have personal circumstances that prevent them from going to school on a regular basis.

“Some of them have commitments to younger brothers and sisters, some of them have commitments to older parents, and some of them are actually raising themselves so we have to look and see why the truancy exists and then try to couple them with resources to overcome them.”

The program started Tuesday. It runs Tuesday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for three weeks.

Camden Mayor Dana Redd says part of the program teaches them how to deal with adversity as a part of life and not something to lash out at, “Anger management from the sense of behavior, how we control our emotions, how we release anger in productive and constructive ways, whether it’s taking a walk about the park, whether it’s swimming in a pool, but finding ways to release that anger that is productive and not destructive to the individual.”

Reported by Kim Glovas, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Epidi says:

    What?! PAY them not to skip school? LOL! That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. What about fining the parents for not making sure their kids are in school? Geez, if I skipped school and my parents found out, I got a foot up my rear, grounded, and had my ‘toys’ taken away. I don’t pay school tax to give to the kids to GO there. I pay school tax to give them a good education if they bother to show up.

    1. Red says:

      Its funny because all of you against this idea is probably sitting in the car your mommy and daddy bought you with your mommy still packing your lunch everyday. How about you stop and think that not everyone has both parents or even one and alot of kids have a job as soon as thier old enough to help pay bills because theres no one else to do it. Nobody thinks about those kids who have to steal just to eat one meal.

      1. Amigwyn says:

        You’re an idiot. Please! I came from a single parent home. My mother had five kids and my father decided he didn’t want to be a daddy anymore. I had to buy my own clothes, car, entertainment, etc. from the time I was 16. I helped pay for groceries by mowing lawns in the neighborhood. I couldn’t be a cheerleader because we couldn’t afford the outfits and I wouldn’t have rides to the games. We didn’t have Christmas every year unless you count the hand made clothes my grandmother sent. It was a treat for us to eat out. My mother worked constantly and my older sister was left to care for all of us kids. But I went to school or my mother would have tanned my hide. I didn’t talk back to teachers. I didn’t disrespect my elders. I didn’t complain about too much homework. I didn’t ignore my elders. And I didn’t stay out all hours of the night with friends! Paying children to go to school is ridiculous! Paying them to behaving and do what they are supposed to is going to backfire in the most horrible ways. Just because you want to make excuses for these absent and oblivious parents, doesn’t mean we all want to. The poorest family can raise the kindest and most sophisticated children when the parent(s) CARES enough to!

      2. Sc says:

        What’s really funny is when they get finished being paid for school they will go out into the world and live off of welfare. Because they got paid to go to school, not to pay attention. What a worthless life not being able to do anything for themselves. Always looking for a handout. Always blaming life for being unfair.

  2. Rick says:

    A perfect example of why New Jersey should be wiped off the map.

    1. NotaJerseyGirl says:

      What a disgusting statement. Let me guess, are you from Philadelphia? Did you hear about the Philadelphia pay to recycle program. People were so freakin’ lazy that they had to be paid to put their recycled products into a different can. Perhaps you have never faced poverty. Lucky you. But until you have, you should keep your mouth shut.

      1. Bill H says:

        I hate to tell you but no one in philadelphia that I know recieved a dime for
        recycling. We are fined if we put cans, bottles, etc. out with the regular trash. Maybe the poor people got paid as that wouldn’t surprise me.

  3. B-Safe says:

    stupid idea.
    why not just pay them not to go to school.
    “Paid Administrative Leave”.
    that’s the ultimate goal
    “get paid, not to work”
    “get paid, not go to school”
    struggle as a small time criminal or
    hit the criminal jackpot and become a politician.

  4. Chris Rock says:

    Always want credit for somethin’ they’re SUPPOSED TO DO! You’re SUPPOSED TO, you dumb m—–f—–! What kinda ignorant s— is that?

  5. Kyle says:

    There’s something wrong if you have to bribe kids just to get them educated. Should it not be for personal growth? To help achieve one’s goals or dreams?

    The culture needs to be changed so that children want to go to school, rather than moaning that they have to or simply not going at all.

  6. Scott Kipp says:

    Along with rights come responsibilities. The City of Camden is soo broke as is the State of New Jersey but it seems that short sighted politicians keep with the tempo of using hard working responsible tax paying citizen’s money to pay for those that don’t care or want to succeed. Stop training another generation of recipient class to expect these hand outs and teach them accountability. And please don’t reply to this with a stack of excuses…there is none. You want adversity? Talk to a middle class working family that can not qualify (or will not accept assistance) for help with tuition for thier kids, property taxes, food, mortgage, car payments, and so on. These respnsibilites are shouldered on us with no certainty that any job is secure in this day in age. Yet we keep fighting every day.

  7. Brian says:

    To Lana, the first comment:

    There was a grant that paid young women in an inner city $1/day not to get pregnant (getting pregnant & having an abortion d/n count). It dropped the teen pregnancy rate by a ridiculous amount. Can’t find the study to link it though, sorry : (

  8. Lana says:

    What’s next? Pay to not to have kids?

    1. nolongerdem2 says:

      These ‘kids’ will be having kids soon. Fed, clothed, housed and given medial care on the taxpayers dime.

    2. Susan says:

      Why don’t they try that? Right now they are paying people TO have kids w/ tax deductions..On welfare? Crack ‘ho? No problem, have another kid and your dole gets bigger! I can honestly say I never skipped school once in my life and nobody ever paid me to go or paid me to get good grades either What I did have was strict parents who would have grounded me for a year if I ever had skipped. Trust me, it worked!

      What we need is to hold the PARENTS of truant & delinquent kids accountable. If the parents are not accountable, the kids will never learn to be. We also need to stop essentially paying the kids if they drop out or get pregnant in school. If there is to be some sort of an incentive, make it in the form of financial assistance to go to college or trade school AFTER graduating high school. Those types of programs do work. Long term goals will work better than meaningless short term handouts that will get blown on drugs or at the mall. They need to do more than just go to school & sit there, they also need to learn and get the grades!

      The real world only pays you when you actually work, not just when you show up, and kids need to learn that

    3. SC says:

      that’s not a bad idea. In fact if you qualify for public housing or welfare get $25k cash tax free to get your tubes tied or a vasectomy. There would be a line around the block for that. And well worth the expense to the public. I bet it would pay for itself in 5 years. Lower crime rate, less disruptions in schools, smaller class size, cost of welfare would go down, child abuse would decline, fewer dropouts…

  9. Barry Doucette says:

    This is what is wrong with America. You wonder why there are so many people on the dole who have never worked a day in their lives. Obama has a socialist dream and apparently so does Camden. The government has abandoned the working people of this country and given it to anyone willing to stick their hand out and say “It’s a free country and I want to live in it for free… pay me…” Do the student have to pass or as long as they physically show up they get paid?

  10. Jason says:

    hahahaha im in high school and thats ridiculous. if they dont go to class they should be punished. thats how the real world works.

  11. kodi98 says:

    I wonder where kids get their sense of entitlement, oh wait, that’s right, it comes from being rewarded for doing something that you’re supposed to do. Reminds me of the people that get on talk shows and tell everyone that they take care of their kids. So what do you want, a prize for doing what you’re supposed to? You’re supposed to provide food and shelter and protect your kids, you don’t get a reward for doing that, its what you are supposed to do.

  12. jerriF says:

    why wasnt my comment posted,oh i get it,only stupid ones get posted ,but reasonable minds have their comments disappear into the virtual vortex.

  13. Bill says:

    I agree wtth naveysteam , how outrageous can Camden get. WOW

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