By Howard Eskin

by Cindy Webster, CBS Radio Marketing Director

Howard Eskin—where to start?  I have known Howard for at least 15 years-maybe more.  I can’t really remember how I met him-probably either down at Vet Stadium or in the NBC 10 building since WOGL and WPHT were housed there years ago.  I used to sit and talk to him at any sporting event I attended.  He always stopped and chatted and people always yelled something at him no matter where we were.  If there’s one thing about Howard-he certainly is recognizable and that’s not always the case with radio guys.  Of course he has worked in tv for years too but somehow I think people would know him even if he wasn’t in front of a camera.

He came to a radio reunion I had the honor of organizing with the talent from WIBG, WFIL and other greatPhiladelphiaradio stations from back in the day.  He had worked as a Producer at WFIL and he worked with the great George Michael.  It was the first time I ever saw Howard in awe of another radio guy.  He and George were good friends but you could tell what respect he had for King George.

He came to my wedding and was one of the most generous gift givers.  He only stayed for a bit-the Flyers were about to lose Game 4 of the Stanley Cup vs the Red Wings-and he need to go watch.  But he drove all the way to the shore to give me a hug, a gift and say hello to my parents.

When I was asked to take over the marketing at WIP, I was nervous-working with names like Cataldi and Eskin-names I had known all of my radio life.  Howard gave me the lay of the land at WIP and helped me understand the sports talk philosophy (or at least his version of it).

I’ve had the pleasure of attending his 5000th show party.  What a feat-5000 shows in radio is a lifetime.  I got to organize a video for Howard when he won the March of Dimes Lifetime Achievement Award.  That was a very cool project to get athletes, coaches and celebrities who love him to say a few words about him on camera.  They all had more then a few words.  Howard is always the first to yes to any charity event or cause I need him to help.

I know his son Spike.  Spike is an incredible guy with a huge heart and a ton of talent.  I know Howard has done something right with a son like Spike.  Howard is Philadelphia Sports Radio.  He defined it.  You should see the number of google alerts I get in a day about something he said.  Howard is at every sporting event every night.  He has worked very hard to develop connections and find stories—big stories.  The number one question I always get asked when I tell people I work at WIP is “What’s Howard Eskin like?”  I hope I have given you some insight as to what he’s like.

In 2008, I got to see my beloved Phillies win the World Series for the second time.  My hope for Howard is that he gets to see the Eagles win the Superbowl.  He’s already won that title in Sports Radio.


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