Stigall Show Log 8.19.11

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Chris_Stigall Chris Stigall
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5:40 Manufacturing contracted in the Delaware Valley contracted the most in August since March 2009.

6:11 Anderson Cooper couldn’t stop laughing when talking about French Actor Gerard Depardieu urinating on an airplane.

anderson cooper Stigall Show Log 8.19.11

6:15 An off duty Secret Service agent was arrested on charges of DUI ahead of the President’s bus tour through Iowa.

6:18 Michele Bachmann is being labelled a “sideshow” for claiming she can bring gas prices back under $2 a gallon.

6:27 Aliens may attack Earth because of rising greenhouse gasses.

aliens Stigall Show Log 8.19.11

6:57 The Department of Homeland Security announced they will halt certain deportation proceedings.

7:10 On Finance Friday, Chris talks to Steve Cordasco about the credit rating agencies and the federal investigation of S&P.

7:42 Philadelphia missed out on filming a movie here because of uncertainty surrounding tax credits.

8:10 Chris talks to CBS 3’s Beasley Reece about last night’s pre-season loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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