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Saturday Night March Planned To Protest Philadelphia’s New Curfews

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Critics of the Nutter administration’s new weekend curfew for underage teens (see related story) are planning to  protest the executive order tomorrow night.

Several community groups have been texting and tweeting, attempting to get the word out about the protest, Saturday at 8:30 PM, that begins with a rally at Broad and South Streets.

“We’re going to have various speakers from various organizations expressing their unity with the demands of the demonstration,” says independent mayoral candidate Diop Olugbala (at left in photo).  He calls the 9:00 PM curfew on Fridays and Saturdays for those under age 18 in center city, University City, and on South Street “illegal and racist.”

“We’ve seen in the past similar phenomena in the city, even when the Phillies won the World Series, where there were white youth that took South Street and Broad Street, turning over cars and tearing down street lamps.  But you didn’t find or hear the type of response that we now are seeing from Michael Nutter’s administration,” Olugbala says.

Some of the curfew’s critics are exploring a legal challenge.

Reported by Paul Kurtz, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. XPhiladelphian says:

    Diop Olugbala’s major misunderstanding, shared by this cult called Uhuru, is that a “white” power structure is running things in Philadelphia. This is obviously untrue. African Americans are fairly represented in city government, definitely over-represented in city services (how many non-black Streets Dept. employees have you encountered), very well represented in the local business community, in education, in minority-owned businesses with lucrative city contracts, the list can go on and one. Diop makes the claim that all these black Philadelphians are dupes of the white power structure. Only he and his handful of revolutionary comrades see the “truth”. Right. We have seen this movie before. Besides, I will bet dollars to donuts that John Street has something to do with this so-called “independent” candidate for Mayor. After all, this is exactly the sort of thing Street promised he would do. The funding sure ain’t coming from the Uhuru Flea Market.

  2. Frank says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but is Diop’s shirt buttoned crooked? First the hats, then the shoes, then the pants,now the shirts. We can no longer dress ourselves can we? And just who is gonna take you seriously? Oh Scotty, Scotty PLEASE beam me up! Scotty areyou there??

  3. Sad State of Affairs says:

    The protesters are pulling the race card and it’s ridiculous, and a waste of time. I am completely fed up with all the escalating crime, theft, and these senseless flashmobs. Racial tension is at an all time high as a result of all the damage that has been done by these mutants. It’s infuriating that at the end of the work day, I have to look over my shoulder while walking home at night . The curfew should be permanent. Parents should take responsibility for their kids. PERIOD.

  4. anuffsaid says:

    what if it was white kids runen the streets f–ken up black people on south street minen there own. thoses rev jerkoffs be all over philly razen a ruckus

  5. John says:

    Only whites took to the streets after the Phillies win? Is he insane? Idiots from all races rioted after the win, but it was a one-time event, so there was no need to change the curfew law, you dolt!

  6. xsmokedoutx says:

    Diop Olugbala, you look foolish. Are you even an American citizen? Are you trying to make a name for yourself? Idiot would be my first choice. Any fool that joins this protest should arrested for stupidity!

  7. diana says:

    curfew for kids is a good thing!!!!! to protest the curfew is crazy !!! there is no good reason\ why kids should be roaming the streets up to no good!!! if you disagree with the curfew you are part of the problem!!!

    1. Assata says:

      the police state starts here but will end up on your door steps now. These kids don’t need to be told when and where to leave there house from the state.. what is this martial law? These kids need relevent education, community programs and economic opportunities. Instead what your city is doing is finding away to use up their billion dollar budget on prisons and police. Take notice. dont attack the child.. attack the problem.

      1. mike says:

        The police state starts where ever you want it to but it will only go as far as we let it. Curfews don’t morph into martial law just like sipping alcohol doesn’t morph into heroin use.

        And what is this talk about economic opportunities? What sort of economic opportunities stop a flash mob from severely beating innocent bystanders? This has nothing to do with economic opportunities and everything to do with a youth who feels that their actions have no consequences. As I said before, the citizens of this city will start treating these minors as responsible adults when they start acting like responsible adults.

  8. Mike says:

    Race has nothing to do with this, and shame on everyone who is making this some sort of race issue.

    Sure there are plenty of kids that can be trusted to be out that late, but they are just trying to keep that area safe. If you have a problem having your kid at home with you on Saturday night then why the hell did you even have kids?

    1. Guess Who says:

      Are you freakin’ blind or just a libt ard? Race has EVERYTHING to do with this, and White kids are being punished for the actions of a bunch of feral sp oonbills.

  9. ChiefDanWilliams says:

    Let the animals loose to destroy all the businesses and tourism in this city.. Here’s an idea activists.. Control your kids and there will be no need for curfews

  10. Jim Wilmer says:

    People get all excited. But common sense is what is needed. Youth out late have a greater chance of getting hurt then hurting others. If a youth is with a respnsible adult; or parent he shouldn’t get hassled. There was curfew when I grew up. We sat out on steps late with our parents; played near the front of the house in view of parents. Cops drove by; they could see we were not doing anything wrong. Cops don’t get out of their car if they don’t have too!!!!

  11. Tom Heardy says:

    Thank God the 76’er won’t win a title in the next 20 years. If you act like an animal you should be locked up like one. This is for all the black people in America- Stop blaming white people and take responsibility for your actions!

    1. Parent of an honor roll student says:

      NICELY SAID!! Just like iWork2Jobs said also, laws are for everyone, not just white people!
      Parents need to be responsible for their children and stop blaming others when their child is criminal. Maybe your kid wouldn’t be a criminal at 11 years old (or ever) if you were doing your job as a responsible parent. It’s not my fault your kid acts like an animal, it’s your fault!! It’s time to be a parent at 9pm so us responsible parents can actually enjoy our city and not get attacked by animals.

    2. xsmokedoutx says:

      Do you REALLY think ALL Blacks think this way? I guess that would make all Whites KKK members??? C’mon dude, you sound simple.

  12. No Teens No Way says:

    People, I agree, it IS something they should be protesting.
    The city is keeping the ADULTS from enjoying their time without kids.

    The whole point of allowing your teen out to do whatever whereever is because your teen is a pain in the ass. This way, you can have some peace and quiet for once, and mayor Nutter is taking away their peace and quiet, forcing the parents of teenagers to have to deal with their own teens.

    I’d protest too.

    1. Mike says:

      This is a person that obviously is too stupid to be a parent. This is why so many kids are so dumb. Parents like this.

      1. Sarcasm says:

        This a person that is obviously too stupid to be on the internet.

    2. Re says:

      Are u trying to say u created a pain in the ass teen and u don’t want to deal with it!

  13. iWork2jobs says:

    I wonder if any of the people protesting the curfew would be protesting if it was one of their family members who got beat up or robbed by these flash mobs?
    In response to JJ … ROCK ON! You are so right! Protesters better not call the police when they are innocent victims of violence.

    If you don’t want to be stereotyped, then BE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS and stop being the stereotype so we ALL can live in peace and not in fear. Laws are for EVERYONE, not just white people!!! Get a job, get an education, and better yourself! Take care of your children!!! Be responsible and accountable!!! Earn money instead of stealing and stop living off of my taxes. I work a full and a part time job just to make ends meet. Yes, it’s hard but it’s honest. There is a lot of help for those who will use it to actually be productive and contributing members of society. Be a role model instead of being a headline.

    1. imaparasite says:

      I love my new iPhone thanks for paying taxes chump!

      1. iWork2jobs says:

        Perfect example of ignorance and arrogance.

      2. Re says:

        Hope u drop it in toilet

    2. xsmokedoutx says:


  14. lemons says:

    Here’s an idea, parents: know where your children are, have your own reasonable curfew, teach your kids manners, and, if your children cannot control themselves, keep them the F away from South Street. I live around the corner from South, and I am sick of having to clean up your childrens’ nasty pee (and worse) from the front of my house and porch. I believe this (very reasonable) guidance will make South Street a much nicer place.

  15. bob says:

    Last time I looked there were WHITE kids under 18 who are affected by this too. I dont hear them complaining. These people whine about anything anymore. If they put as much energy into bettering themselves they’d have better lives.

  16. squally says:

    Well, the next time it happens (God forbid) The police and law should ignore the calls received and the Mob flash. See what happens then!

  17. Mama says:

    The riots after a game was a one shot deal. These flash mobs, wolf packs, or whatever you want to call them are happening frequently and in an unpredictable pattern. The only way to curb the potential is to enforce a curfew. Anyone who is against a curfew must not care about their kids or their fellow citizens. It is not going to hurt any kid to be at home by 9 pm. I understand that some parents may not want their kids at home, but that is just too bad.

  18. PS says:

    Parents, regardless of race, should not be condoning the wild rampages the teenagers of the city are doing. I believe Mayor Nutter is correct in setting this curfew and it obviously works.

    1. TK Williams says:

      Maybe the sane people should counter protest!

  19. Charw says:

    …and after the protest they better have their butts in the house by 9pm. If not, throw the key, Nutter.

  20. Charw says:

    Only fools allow fools to lead. These people are crazy. There should be a counter demonstration from the responsible parents. Really, what business do teenagers have in the street after 9pm unless they are working or leaving church.

  21. Bill V says:

    Well maybe if the parents of these out of control monkey’s had any parental skills; these kids would not be out selling drugs, robbing and jumping innocent bi-standards. Maybe if the parents were able to create a stable home-life and not worry about themselves, there kids just may start behaving like humans. I find it funny that they claim this is “racism” anything that is not in their favor is considered racism by them. How about open your eyes and realize it’s 2011 and people need to be held responsible for their actions. Stop having kids with ten different men and focus on the kids you already have and teach them principles of life.

    1. Informed Theif says:


      1. Spellingpopo says:


  22. JBJ says:

    Lets just start the Second Civil War and get it over with.

  23. steve says:

    The idiots doth protest too much, methinks

  24. Mimi Shapiro says:

    At least now the city will have a heads-up to be prepared for whatever unfolds. I heard 1 mother say the other day…”My daughter is an A student and shouldn’t have to do this. Hey, when this A studet goes through a red light or is speeding – does she get a ticket or not. The law is the law. Tell her to buy a watch that works!

  25. JJ says:

    In reference to Diop Olugbala’s comments about the curfew. I am sooo glad I don’t live in Philly anymore with this clown running for Mayor….hey Mr. Olugbala; when your motha, sista or any member of your family get’s their butt’s kicked by one of these hoodlams dont be calling the po-lice!!

    1. Gra pe A pe says:

      What the hel l is a Diop Olugbala, some sort of Afre akan bluegum import?

  26. Bill H says:

    In reference to Diop Olugbala’s comments about the curfew.
    You are really comparing these flash mobs to Philly fans when they win the world series. First off the Phillies have won the world series twice. That means you are referencing two nights since the beginning of mankind. Second the white youth didn’t go around finding african americans to beat and rob. You are a mayorial candidate! What a joke! You’re a disgrace!

    1. R-read says:

      Well said!

    2. JJC says:

      I wouldn’t stress too much, he’s about as much of a candidate as Milton Street was, desperately trying to grab any media attention possible.

      The problem isn’t only going on here, it’s nationwide. But Philly was the first to act on it, which other cities are now following:

  27. shirle123 says:

    Where were these protesters at when these wild teens were out on the street harming adults. You cannot compare the Phillies winning the world series of people turning over cars and vandalizing buildings you cannot equate that with what these wild teens were doing out there to adults.

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