CBS Sportsradio Station WIP Taking A Spot On Philadelphia’s FM Dial

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The rumors are true.  Sportsradio 610 WIP is moving to the FM dial, the day after Labor Day.

“We will be WIP 94.1 FM,” morning host Angelo Cataldi said on air this morning, making the announcement that 610 WIP will be simulcast on sister CBS station 94.1 FM, where WYSP is now, starting next month.

CBS owns both stations, along with, KYW Newsradio, and CBS3-TV.
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The flip comes afer ratings gains by Greater Media’s WPEN, simulcasting sports talk at 97.5 FM since October of 2009.

CBS Radio Philadelphia market manager Marc Rayfield says this move was not in response.

“This was not so much a reaction to what was happening elsewhere,” he told KYW Newsradio after this morning’s announcement.  “We thought that this was part of the natural evolution for WIP, and made the decision.  This is something that we’ve been working on for more than a year.”

But what of the 60 employees at WYSP?  Rayfield says most will find jobs at other CBS stations, but an undetermined number will be laid off.

WYSP morning host Danny Bonaduce says he’s confident he’ll continue to work for CBS Radio but is not sure whether he’ll have to sell his house in Philadelphia.

Reported by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Greg says:

    Iam delighted to hear the news that 610WIP is moving to FM, and is now known as 94.1WIP. Shocked to hear the rock station WYSP is being dispanded. WYSP used to be great back in the day 30 yrs ago. I have to admit, when the “other” FM sports station 97.5 became available, i would listen,because 610WIP AM would not come on my radio at work. But now that WIP is going to FM, iam all for the new move. Looking forward to hearing the new line up times with the addition of Mike Barkann, and the afternoons 1:00-6:00 with Glen Macnow & Anthony Gargano.
    Radio just got alot better.

    1. David B says:

      Rumor has it that Family Radio is putting WKDN 106.9 FM is up for sale. Its possible that CBS radio may buy 106.9 and make it the new WYSP. However CBS is currently at the FCC limit of stations in the Philly market so if they would have to sell 610 AM in order to buy 106.9 I don’t think they would sell 610 right away because they would probably want a month or so of “overlap” with WIP being on both 610 and 94.1 until listeners get used to the new 94 WIP.

  2. DMHenrie says:

    Wow, what a Godsend !
    First off, I can barely pick up WIP AM in Lehigh Valley area, especially near electrical wires, which are everywhere. Now, I won;t have to worry about that. I’ll probably still have difficulty when driving to Pocono’s though.

    More importantly, I no longer have to turn the station off when Eskin comes on at 3, and I finally get to listen to Ike, which I will LOVE.

    The whole thing works for me.

    Go Phillies, Go Flyers, Go Sixers !!

    Go Steelers .. Sorry, that’s just the way it is ! Always has been, can’t change.

  3. XA351GT says:

    Thanks CBS for making another station on the dial that I will never listen to.. Thanks for taking a great ROCK radio station off the dial AGAIN . I hope it falls mon it’ s face just like it did a All talk. It’s all I can do to stand the 2 minutes of Cataldi on the morning news. Thanks again for nothing.

  4. Jeff says:

    This is a great idea! The FM radio dial has become a vast wasteland of old stations that constantly recycle the same tired music all day everyday. There is no originality anymore. It is no wonder that people have been flocking to satellite radio over the last few years. When you listen to staellite you actaually hear the cuts of your favortie bands that you yourself would play! Wip will finally have a loud and clear signal to insure that they can be heard all over the region.

    1. John Kinney says:

      You’ve answered your own question. Its because satellite radio and ipods exist that music radio is getting more bland and more stations are moving from music to talk.

      1. Colorless Love says:

        How did the I-Pod and satellite radio cause the stations to play the same tired music over and over again? When radio stations began being taken over by comglomerates and became nothing but a cash cow business and no longer about the listener that’s when things changed.
        Do we really need 2 sports talk station on FM?

      2. Colorless Love says:

        People buy I-Pods and satellite radio so they can hear the songs and genres of music that radio now ignores. Why these radio execs seem to think that people want to hear the same 20 songs over and over and over again, and not take requests from the listener I don’t know but bring back real radio.

  5. Bob says:

    CBS should axe WOGL and move WYSP there. Enough of Michael Jackson and 80’s disco some of us want to rock.

  6. John Kinney says:

    WYSP doesn’t get very good ratings; their format overlaps too much with other stations in the market, but Bonaduce gets decent ratings in the morning. WOGL gets good ratings though the day (about 5.5) but their “Breakfast Club” morning show stinks. The simplest thing to do is to move Danny Bonaduce to WOGL in the morning, and add a little more rock to the WOGL format.

    1. Colorless Love says:

      WOGL used to be good when it played real oldies. Now it’s just another version of Ben-FM.

  7. Mike in Philly says:

    The article mentions “gains” by 97.5 FM as reason – but the real reason is 97.5 FM is 80% sports and only 20% nonsense and 610 AM is 20% sports and 80% nonsense. Clearly there is a market for both. It’s also interesting how infrequent anybody new comes on 610AM, they just keep retreading people they had before.

  8. Dave Hash says:

    If I wanted to listen to sports talk I would have tuned to 610. This is completely ridiculous. Time to buy that satellite radio.

  9. Scott says:

    As soon as I heard this I stopped listening to them.

  10. Steven Joseph Fantazzibonanowelsh says:

    have to keep bonaduce and reed

  11. Nick Frese says:

    Just what we needed: to hear stupidity on the FM dial as well as on AM. Dumb.

  12. Atwell says:

    this stinks. I truly hope that Danny and the rest of the “ysp” people do find a home! There are too many “sports talk ” stations in town and there are a lot of folks that have moved to Sirius/xm because of the commerccials.

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