3-Story Rowhome In South Philadelphia Collapses

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Demolition crews are expected to come out later this morning to bring down part of a three-story row home that collapsed in South Philadelphia.

Neighbors heading off to work paused to look at the massive pile of rubble in the daylight, everyone breathing a sigh of relief when they heard no one was hurt.

Neighbor Hanna Vanderlan lives across the street and describes the collapse as a, “Very clear sound of something obviously falling apart. (There was a) huge crumbling noise. I came outside and there was smoke up in the air and a huge amount of dust.”

This happened around 11 p.m. at the corner of 15th and Clymer, Clymer is a small alley about a block and a half down from South Street.

It’s fortunate that no one was hurt, but a car parked in the alleyway shows the force and the power of the collapse. The roof of the sedan was smashed in and the windows shattered.

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collapse car 3 Story Rowhome In South Philadelphia Collapses

A car parked in the alleyway was crushed by the collapse.

The owner of the row home rents rooms to several tenants, but all the residents were able to get out safely.

This wasn’t the only building collapse in town Tuesday. A large stone wall of the Central Methodist Church at Griscom and Orthodox Streets in Frankford also came crashing down. That church dates back to 1875 and officials say that collapse was likely caused by years of bad weather; the recent heavy rains may have been the catalyst.

But back here at 15th and Clymer, there is no word yet on the cause of this collapse, but the building is expected to be partially demolished later Wednesday.

Reported by Al Novack and Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio 1060

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  1. Slick says:

    I witness a house falling on 25th and Thompson, there are several homes that are in the same condition as the hous that fell…L and I slaps stickers on the houses and that is it…there is one house that has caved in from the middle to the back of the house with people living in houses on both sides of the collapsed house and all L and I did was slap a sticker on the door…but the Mayor wants to raise property tax….rediculous!

  2. timetorazeitall says:

    Time to knock them all down and start over. The city is a mess. My daughter and I were on the R5 train, and she looked out the window and said “mommy. was there an earthquake here?”. The city just looks like such a slumland anymore.

    1. Tyrone says:

      I totally agree, the city needs to stop building within the realms of center city and the surrounding areas and spend more time dealing with the crime, and the decay of our inner city and REALLY deal with these disturbing issues with these decriped rental properties, it’s a shame that these citizens poor or not have to go thru things like this and the city will not do a thing unless there was a death in this incident………..

  3. Tyrone says:

    This just shows the lack of how things can go wrong when the city / L@I don’t acknowledge the fact that there is a problem with slumlords and not having rental properties to be inspected on a yearly basis and just because these homes are in urban areas we have to deal with this, in my building, i noticed some brick pieces falling off my by building, especially during heavy rain or cold during the winter so if the city wants to balance the budget, start going after the slumlords and make them fix their rental properties and give them a stiff 1st fine and not toss tennants out in the street instead of looking the other way………

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