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Stigall Show Log 8.17.11

5:40 President Obama said on his midwest bus tour that he won’t apologize for being reasonable.

5:44 Rick Perry is being criticized for calling Federal Reserve Chairman “almost treasonous.”

5:46 Karl Rove said Perry is acting Un-Presidential.

5:50 Pundits are calling it Perry’s “unforced error.”

rick perry1 Stigall Show Log 8.17.11

6:10 Chris provides his analysis of Ron Paul.

6:41 Mayor Michael Nutter is in Rio de Janeiro to lend his expertise of green development.

6:44 Seattle’s green jobs program has been a bust.

6:53 Paul Ryan has previously spoken with House Speaker John Boehner about a potential run for President.

6:58 In the lastest Rasmussen poll, Rick Perry leads Mitt Romney by 11 points and Michele Bachmann by 16 points.

7:10 Michele Bachmann confused the anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death with his birthday yesterday on the campaign trail.

elvis presley Stigall Show Log 8.17.11

7:16 The University of North Dakota is being forced to change its nickname from the Fighting Sioux.

7:43 Verizon and their striking workers are battling with each other in ad campaigns.

7:50 Milkboy has opened up their shop in Center City despite their dispute with a union.

8:10 Chris talks to Phillies Play-by-Play Announcer Tom McCarthy about the dedication of the Harry Kalas Statue at Citizens Bank Park.


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