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5:40 Warren Buffett has his numbers wrong when saying the rich should be taxed more.

5:45 If Buffett wants to pay more in taxes, he can just write a check.

warren buffett Stigall Show Log 8.16.11

6:10 President Obama is going on vacation again, this time to Martha’s Vineyard.

6:14 The teenage unemployment rate in Washington D.C. is over 50%.

6:44 President Obama plans to unveil his plan to boost the ecnonomy next month.

6:46 The President’s latest idea is to create The Department of Jobs.

barack obama1 Stigall Show Log 8.16.11

6:55 Florida and Ohio were both upgraded by S&P.

7:10 Chris talks to Conservative Commentator Mark Steyn about his new book After America.

7:41 Rick Perry made a mistake going after Ben Bernanke yesterday.

8:45 A ruled that striking Verizon workers could not throw feces as part of their protests.

8:45 Chris talks to 2010 Candidate for Senate from Delaware, Christine O’Donnell about her new book, Trouble Maker.

christine odonnell Stigall Show Log 8.16.11

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