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Pizza Deliveryman Stabbed, Robbed In Oxford Circle

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Police are searching for several suspects who stabbed and robbed a pizza deliveryman in Northeast Philadelphia early Tuesday morning.

The incident happened at about 1:30 a.m. in the 6100 block of Belden Street in the city’s Oxford Circle section.

According to investigators, three unidentified males approached the deliveryman at which point the victim was stabbed and robbed. It was not known how much money the suspects got from the victim.

The suspects fled the scene following the incident.

Anyone with information is urged to contact police. The incident remains under police investigation.

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One Comment

  1. Stephanie Palmer says:

    You people who take advantage of the pizza delivery services will be very disappointed when you no longer have that service. I find it hard to believe that no one has come forward with information. It’s your neighborhood, apparently not for long. Looks like the creeps have taken over. The service will stop. It’s ridiculous that somebody trying to make a living gets attacked and stabbed for his trouble.

  2. jarhead64 says:

    I say we pull our troops out from the middle east and post them here in our metropolitan areas. Tell them to shoot these animals on sight.

  3. wolf says:

    It will take two to deliver food at night—one with the food, the other with a shotgun. Some city areas are no safer than a South African shanty town.

  4. Pete says:

    Gee, by any chance was the deliveryman white? Why the constant coverup of black-on-white crime that’s escalating across the country? When the head of the DOJ refuses to prosecute “my people” and the President says that cops “acted foolishly” in investigating a report of an unknown person in a residence, you have sent the clear signals to the black community that any behavior will be tolerated. When the cat’s away, the mice will play.

    1. Bob c says:

      I’m assuming you are a white guy. So am I. Frankly, it makes me pretty sad when white people support a big government police state for no other apparent reason than to racially intimidate people. If you are referencing the Skip Gates incident, every white person who knows anything about rights, law, The Constitution, American values, ( in other words mostly “conservative” beliefs), agree that the cops were wrong. People, white/black/whatever should be expected to be able to exist free from harassment, especially on their own property. Your comments are not relevant to this incident, but show someone who apparently does not respect human rights, property rights,etc. The only behavior the President indicated that he tolerated was the right to people to exist, walk, stand on their own property free of violence. Yet you construe his opposition to violence as an endorsement of violence? Weird logic.

      1. Robert J says:

        Actually, you’re the one who’s wrong. For one thing, in the Gates incident; when the president said “the police acted stupidly” in a nationally televised press conference, he prefaced this by saying “Not having been there and seeing all the facts…” – so, in regards to his involvement, he was wrong when he first opened his mouth about it. And second, Gates himself escalated the incident by not cooperating with investigating police, who were called by a neighbor who saw a man trying to break into a house. All they wanted was I.D. and Gates decided to make a federal harassment case out of it. When he became uncooperative, HE exploded the incident, not the cops.

  5. digitus says:

    We know they must be adults or they would have been breaking the curfew laws.

  6. Major Kong says:

    three unidentified males ….

    Gee, that’s helpful. Anything else about the perps appearance that might help to narrow the search parameters a bit?

  7. Daniel Anderson says:

    carry laws needed.

  8. Madman says:

    3 against 1…… typical. Again I say these animals only attack when they have the advantage. Why stab him?

  9. Bill says:

    I say, “Shoot First and ask questions later”. End of story………..

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