Mastery Students Pass Out Flowers To Apologize For Violent Incident

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Students at one Philadelphia school caught in the “flash mob” violence are saying “We’re sorry.”

Students from the Mastery Charter High School at 4th and Chestnut took to the streets, handing out white carnations and notes of apology to morning commuters.

The students want people to know that it was not acceptable when six Mastery students were caught on video sucker-punching a man walking on 4th Street last month.

“We’re out here giving out flowers and saying thank you to the community.” Mastery grad Keenan Burton said. “Because we actually do appreciate the community. And we’re taking responsibility for what happened recently.  So we’re just trying to make sure the community knows that we’re appreciating them.”

Mastery students are also planning a community beautifaction project this fall, as another way of making amends for the “flash mob” actions of their classmates.

Reported by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Regan says:

    I do not believe that just because one acts in violence they have been raised in a violent home, there are more factors to blame, rap music , violent video games, television programs, movies etc. I also attribute this to parents being “too” busy or just plain oblivious as to what their children are up to or into. I am so torn and disgusted by what these young people are doing, I will not call them animals and Carolyn has. Clearly her choice words come from a place of personal experience but You have to choose to forgive and spread love and solutions rather than hate and bitterness. I am a mother of a newborn and will do all I can to raise a respectful, caring citizen of this city, not just a young black women but a daughter of Philadelphia. I hate that this makes me afraid to travel about with my child or instills fear in anyone residing or visiting this great city. What these kids are doing, as far as giving flowers, is a kind gesture and a small step in the right direction but more needs to be done to prevent these acts from ever happening again.

  2. TakeDown says:

    Passing out black eyes this weekend!

  3. Glenn says:

    There has been such a rush to lump all young kids together as being involved with the recent rash of senseless violence in and around the city. As a consequence of the actions of a few kids from Master Charter School, it wrongfully cast a bad light on all those students. If the majority of the students want to take personal responsibility for the actions of the few and let the community know they will not tolerate those individuals to define them as a whole, I think it is a step in the right direction and one of the components of a solution. Nothing can replace the love and guidance of a caring parent, but these kids are doing those things they can that are within their power. Good for them! They give me hope for a better future.

  4. Willie Pittle says:

    So glad to see this. The good kids need to step up, make themselves visible and apply a little peer pressure to their classmates. Make it cool to be a good kid – right now, to a lot of black teens it is not cool to be good, it is “trying to act white”.
    No, actually, it’s trying to act like a human being. I am so proud of these kids stepping up, acknowledging the problem amongst them, and offering an olive branch to the community rather than excuses.

  5. Alejandro says:

    Until the schools, the public and the government acknowledges this is / was racially motivated and they address that issue… This will never go away. Calling it something it isn’t and trying to make it something it is not; is and ostrich’s approach to the world.

  6. Isobel says:

    Children learn what they live. Obviously, the flash mob participants are not receiving any guidance at home. Hold the parents responsible, too.

  7. meeester says:

    Very nice. Glad to see them doing this.
    I wonder what is going to be the outcome of the flash robs though. The usual consequences can be applied; probably sporadically and typically ineffectively.
    Until thugs find out that girls don’t like them being involved in that sort of thing the behavior won’t change.

  8. charW says:

    Beautiful job!!!!! Keep up the positive attitude.

  9. Carolyn says:

    In my opinion, if I was one of the victims of the flash mob attacks that started last year and continued until just last month, I would not be willing to accept just an apology for violent behavior that was inflicted to cause chaos and harm to innocent people, regardless whether they were young people or even senior citizens!!! It was obvious, that these animals were targeting only white people, because of their illiterate, and imature demeanor and need to face the consequences foir their actions!!! HIP HIP HOORAY, that the NUTTER Mayor feels compelled to mentor these animals, that are otherwise referred to as only teenagers gone awry!!! They should be held in JUVENILE DENTENTION and community service should be their punishment, until they are willing to act in accordance with the law!!!

    1. Danielle says:

      This article isn’t about forgiving the wrong doers… this article is about students who had nothing to do with the flash mobs saying that they are embarressed about the actions of their classmates. I also feel like they want to say “Hey look, we aren’t all like that. Some of us are good!” and that’s a message that also needs to be heard. What those other kids did was horrific and as you said, possibly unforgivable. However, there are countless number of children who did not participate. Countless number of children who are being raised correctly. I don’t know why you’re choosing to put such a negative spin on children who are trying to do right in the world.

  10. Leigh says:

    This is so kind of them, but it makes me sad. These good young people know that they are being judged by the color of their skin right now, because people are afraid. I understand the fear – I will not bring my kids into the city, because I know that these thugs have no souls. But I really think we need to remember that we can’t judge all by the actions of a few. We need to punish the criminals, but not abandon the good kids.

    1. Kira says:

      Could not have said it better…..totally agree..

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