Community Members, Authorities Enforce City’s Curfew

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – At 9 p.m. Friday, community members joined city leaders, determined to walk the walk in their fight against flash mobs. Now, going into its second night, the curfew is still in full force as Philadelphia Police stopped and checked IDs and anyone under 18 was taken off the street and taken to the police station to be picked up by their parents.

The new curfew regulations are designed to curb flash mobs that have so far struck twice this summer, robbing and beating random victims on Center City streets.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, in the hours before the curfew kicked in on Friday, was busy conducting network television news interviews, participating in a “live” online chats, and tweeting the message that flash mobs will not be tolerated.

City officials want to remind the public they have extended hours at certain recreation centers and libraries throughout the city to provide an alternative, a friendlier environment for the city’s children to pass time, to let kids be kids.

Deputy Mayor Everett Gillison explained, “We’re not just saying don’t. We’re saying this is something you can do.”

Commissioner Ramsey added, “It’ll last thru the summer but it’ll last for as long as we need it to last. So I have no end date in sight, we’re going to do all that we can for as long as we have to.”

As of 7 p.m. Saturday, police said they had taken about 50 teenagers off the street for violating curfew. Those who violate the curfew get a warning the first time. Repeat offenders could get slapped with a fine up to $500.

Eyewitness News spoke to one man, who didn’t want to disclose his full name, about his 17-year-old sister who was taken to the 3rd district police station for violating the city’s curfew.

“My sister got picked up. I mean she is a straight ‘A’ student. I could see if she was one of the kids out here flash mobbing or getting into trouble, smoking or drinking and all that. But she is a straight ‘A’ student. I feel kind of upset because this whole curfew, influence on the city thing, grips up the good kids instead of the bad kids. It’s like why can’t the good kids celebrate neither.”

Mayor Nutter was at Erie Lanes Bowling in Philadelphia where he tried to encourage teens to do something else besides being on the street late at night.

The following is a list of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Sites with Extended Hours & Activities Planned:

Northern Liberties Recreation Center – 321 Fairmount Avenue
Saturday, August 13th – Volleyball Tournament – games

Murphy Recreation Center – 300 Shunk Street
Computer Lab
3 on 3 Basketball
Foul Shooting Contest

Vare Recreation Center – 2600 Morris Street
Saturday, August 13th – Ping Pong and 3 on 3 basketball

Myers Recreation Center – 5800 Kingsessing Avenue
Saturday, August 13th – Ping Pong, Basketball, Computer Programs

Christy Recreation Center – 728 S. 55th Street
Saturday, August 13th – Basketball, Computer Programs

Kingsessing Recreation Center – 5000 Chester Avenue
Saturday, August 13th – Basketball, Computer Programs, Ping Pong

Shepard Recreation Center – 5700 Haverford Avenue
Saturday, August 13th – Basketball, Computer Programs

Gustine Recreation Center – 4863 Ridge Avenue
Saturday, August 13th – 3 on 3 Basketball tournament, art project (mosaic on outside of building)

Gathers Recreation Center – 2501-19 W. Diamond Street
Saturday, August 13th – Art, Spark activities, softball challenge

Athletic Recreation Center – 1401-27 North 27th Street
Saturday, August 13th – Basketball, boxing, movie and games in the lobby, chess, table tennis

Vogt Recreation Center – 4131 Unruh Street
Saturday, August 13th – Volleyball and basketball

Samuel Recreation Center – 3539 Gaul Street
Saturday, August 13th – Indoor soccer and basketball

McVeigh Recreation Center – 400-64 D Street
Saturday, August 13th – Ping pong tournament and game room activities

Feltonville Recreation Center – 231-37 East Wyoming Avenue
Saturday, August 13th – Exercise room, video games, basketball

Lonnie Young Recreation Center – 1100 E. Chelten Avenue
Saturday, August 13th – Movie night in gym

Happy Hollow Playground – 4740 Wayne Avenue
Saturday, August 13th – Basketball and volleyball

Olney Recreation Center – 100 E. Godfrey Avenue
Saturday, August 13th – Basketball – 3 on 3 games

Lawncrest Recreation Center – 6000 Rising Sun Avenue
Saturday, August 13th – 3 on 3 basketball, ping pong tournament

Simons Recreation Center – 7200 Woolston Avenue
August 13th – Movie in lobby, two groups of teens in gym for basketball

Fox Chase Recreation Center – 7901 Ridgeway Avenue
Saturday, August 13th – 3 on 3 basketball, indoor soccer, weight room, games

Reported by Elizabeth Hur, Walt Hunter and Jericka Duncan, CBS 3; Mike Dunn and Cherri Gregg, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. matt says:

    yeah mayor Mike bring them back to the hoods as long as they are not in CC. After he left the bowling alley lastnight all hell broke lose he said on TV and the radio these kids are good. well why when they left did a girl get stabbed and a bunch of car windows get broke. it was funny how the cops took them all to the train didn’t see anyone get locked up I guess the mayor sent the big cop who showed up in the white shirt in the s u v with the gold on his collar to make sure no one could make the mayor look bad. I seen it all and have been posting this and emailing this to everyone so thanks Mike you brought them back to the hoods to destroy to please CC shows how much you really care about the hoods.

    1. chuck says:

      Oh so it would be better to have them destroy “other peoples neighborhoods”
      Let them trash and kill their own, who cares.
      They and their parents don’t care about the “hood” why should anyone else

  2. diana says:

    i would like to add on the coment to the mans straight A daughter who was picked up,everyone was warned so she knew. also, this curfew should be used all around the city of philadelphia.

  3. Diana says:

    i agree with kevin the kids should’nt be out late at night, there should be a curfew for kids!!! I grew up with a curfew along with many others and it was enforced and we all knew it…. guess the only ones that don’t like it is the parents that just throw their kids on the street and could care less. the law is in place let’s start re-enforcing it. we have gotten sooo lack at our laws in which our country was built on.we all should rethink were this country is heading especially our youth..the laws are there to be used so lets do it!!!!!!

    1. TeaPublicany says:

      Kids need more than good Parents, they need a future to look forward too. What has the older generation done aside from invest in China and spend SS Checks on Bingo/ Casino’s?

      Do you old people really think they are to stupid to see?

      Quit blamming kids/ Parents and clean up your own end. Start electing honest leadership who has never lied to America. You could start with Ron Paul, but you are to lazy to learn the facts!

  4. kevin says:

    You shouldnt be running around the city after 9 if under 18 anyway. Nothing but trouble out there for kids. I love this rule.

  5. TeaPublicany says:

    If Republicans could have a fake Tea Party that does nothing to address UNFREE TRADE or job creation here in America rather than China, Why can’t Democrats have Minutemen that communicate by cell phone?

    They are so unpatriotic these days! What would George say?

  6. johnny says:

    Police State! This is not the Soviet Union! Shame on the police and Mayor!

    1. joe says:

      shame on the kids who caused this and shame on their parents for not raising them properly. The parents should be sterilized and the kids put in foster care.

      1. Tyred says:

        That pretty much sums it up Joe. As is often the case, many who had nothing to do with the problem have to suffer the consequences for the actions of a few (irresponsible morons).

    2. chuck says:

      You’re funny, it’s the Police and everyone esle’s fault.
      You can’t even help these animals out.
      Shortly after the mayor left his “bowling event” at Erie Lanes what happened?
      A large fight, leaving one of the angels stabbed with an ice pick
      So hows that plan working for you mr. mayor
      This story aired once and then disappeared….
      don’t want to tarnish the mayors wonderful plan
      Worst part is the press just rolls over like it didn’t happen
      I thought KYW had more integrity that that, guess I was wrong

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