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Feds Bust Montco Doctor, Philadelphia Pharmacist For Dealing Pills

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A family physician and a pharmacist are among dozens of people arrested in connection with a 498-count indictment alleging drug dealing and health care fraud.

The way US attorney Zane Memeger tells it, this was an oxycodone “triple play” in which alleged drug dealer William Stukes lined up fake patients to go to the Montgomery County office of Dr. Norman Werther.

“These fake patients paid an office-visit fee,” explains Memeger.  “Dr. Werther would then write prescriptions for these fake patients to obtain oxycodone-based drugs.  Members of the Stukes drug trafficking organization would then drive the fake patients to various pharmacies to have their prescriptions filled.”

Northeast Pharmacy and its owner, Ihsanullah Maaf, got a lot of this business, say the feds, so he too has been arrested.

The fake patients often billed government-run insurance for the ill-gotten pills.  The government calls that health care fraud.

Reported by John Ostapkovich, KYW Newsradio 1060

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  1. kb3bzy says:

    I have known Dr. Werther to be a legitimate, sweet, caring and talented Physical Therapy doctor and also a CME or certified medical examiner. He always has time to talk to explain Your treatments and he always has time to talk to You. He gave me a free TENS unit and has been very thorough in treating my diabetes. He always orders MRI’s on his physical therapy patients, provides care for free to all of them when they are working with private attorneys. He will provide snacks and access to a gym and a public computer while patients are waiting for their appointments. This is going above and beyond ordinary medical standards. Dr. Werther is a Dog advocate and keeps a rescue Dog in his office as well as being considerate to his Physical Therapy patients in allowing them to bring in their animals to his Office.
    Dr. Werther has lived and worked in this area all of his life and he has never been in trouble with the Law before or his medical boards.
    I really can’t figure that part of him out to my satisfaction. He is just the nicest, kindest person and such a skilled and clean living medical doctor. I have often thought of him as a mentor and a Grandfatherly type of a person. I did’nt get to know him personally but he may have possibly been scared into a position to have to behave in the way that he did to cross the line. Most of his patients were crippled from accidents or elderly and ill. I really have not seen very many seedy looking people there at his office. I know that if You are going to work with Dr. Werther You have to stay there in the PT room after You are admitted and punch an actual time clock to clearly record Your excersize time.
    I am not ever going to be ashamed of knowing Dr. Werther. I just wish that he would hold some kind of public speaking events or public education courses for the public You would see then that he is a Very Good Gentleman. Maybe he could spend his retirement working with the rescue Dogs.

  2. Joseph Harrington says:

    I don’t know anything about Oxycotin or hard narcotic drugs by my own experience but I probably could have used some when I had my awful Motorcycle crash a few years ago. I did’nt know Dr. Werther then but he could have been helpfull since he usually is in these types of situations. Dr. Werther does not want anybody to be in the grip of pain. The funny thin about Dr. Werther is is that he never suggested taking any narcotics, although he has those ER frowning face signs in his office and his staff will ask to know what Your level of pain is as an ordinary course of their examination. He seemed to have very accomadating and friendly staff at his office as well. They always took the time out to check my blood sugar and my BP and my weight everytime.

  3. scared says:

    I was a legitimate patient there with M.R,I, in my records. My quality of life before starting my treatment there was so poor I often thought of suiciside. In so much pain I never left my bed. My children regreted me because i could not engage n activies with them. I didnt just walk in there and get medication. Today yes i am on a high dose of oxycodone but if it wasnt for Dr. Werther and his knowledghe of my injuries and his empathy I honestly wouldnt be here today. I really think they shoud take a closer look at his 3 employees whom have ties to these dealers. Dr. werther is not who they are making him out to be. I thk he was backed into a corner due to fear caused by his staff. And for me my appointment was yesterday and the office is shut down I am fearing for my health. Stopping this medication at my does suddenly can cause death. I am already feeling the withdrawl and that pain is worse than all my injuries combined. What about the real patients what are we suposed to do

  4. bottomline says:

    Those addicted to these drugs are in a very unfortunate position.
    If their drugs were free and legal none of the crimes mentioned in this article would have occurred. Removing the costs of law enforcement would more then pay for the drugs and make our streets and our properties much safer too – no more need for the addicted to steal or engage in prostitution to support their habit.
    The real crime begins with those whom encourage people to start using drugs in the beginning.

    1. iris carcana says:

      I had a very bad car accident and he was the only Dr that help me so much and onderstud the pain i had i got to get up from my bed and go up and down the stiers wen’t i wen’t to see him i was so so stress from the very bad pain i i don’t know but i don’t belive that from Dr werther he is a very good Dr he make you bring your MRI and he did urine i do not belive this. I know he was even scare because thay had stold his scrips if i know his a good Dr cause my pain was so bad i had bad thoats in he help me

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