5:40 The Wall Street Journal is questioning whether President Obama is smart.

barack obama Stigall Show Log 8.9.11

6:11 Eagles WR DeSean Jackson has reported to training camp.

desean jackson Stigall Show Log 8.9.11

6:14 Vice President Joe Biden may have outted SEAL team 6.

6:40 Mayor Michael Nutter is implementing a curfew and deploying more police to stop flash mobs in the city.

6:41 After a strong rebuke of flash mob behavior, he’s being criticized for going too far.

michael nutter1 Stigall Show Log 8.9.11

7:12 Chris discusses the current state of the financial markets with Investment Manager Chris Butler

7:45 Two local Tea Party activists are gaining national attention for their efforts. 

8:10 Chris talks to Daily News Reporter William Bender about the possibility of privatizing Pennsylvania’s liquor sales.  To read his piece, Inconvenience Stores CLICK HERE

8:40 Chris talks to Fox Business Host Gerri Willis about the causes of yesterday’s market crash.

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