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Bear That Wandered Into Campsite Captured, Killed

BRANCHVILLE, N.J. (AP) — Environmental officials say the black bear that wandered into a campsite in a northwestern New Jersey state forest this week has been captured and euthanized.

DEP spokesman Lawrence Hajna says the 18-month-old male bruin was caught in a snare around 10:15 p.m. Friday, not far from the campsite in Stokes State Forest in Sussex County.

Hajna said Saturday that the bear was euthanized because it was classified as a “Category I” bruin, meaning it posed a threat to public safety or property.

Officials initially believed the bear had injured two young campers early Wednesday while it was searching for food near the campsite. But it was later determined that the bear was not responsible for the abrasions sustained by the 11- and 12-year-old boys.

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    I guess the presumption of innocence does not extend to ‘bruins’.

    We live in the ‘burbs” and have coyotes, deer, foxes, feral cats, etc., in our neighborhood. While it’s ‘inconvenient’, we walk our dogs on a leash so they won’t get hurt by the ‘wildlife’.

    I agree, we’re the intruders.

  • Nancy53410

    So am I understanding this correctly?………… they uthanized a bear that WAS NOT the one responsible for injuiring the boys?? The forest is THEIR home. We are the intruders. DON’T LEAVE FOOD OUT.

  • Brown

    I agree. It’s our responsibility to get along with them…not for them to get along with us.

  • Bill Gould

    I agree with” another Jean” If you are in your house and there are intruders there You can defend You’re home. Sooner or later this kind of stuff will come back on the two legged Intruders.

    • Jerry

      kill first and check facts later,,, the new slogan for American Blind justice,, the latest patriat act passage allows for assination of “suspected” terrorist even if they are American citizens…so Bears just don’t stand a chance..

  • AnotherJean

    It’s pretty rotten to kill an animal who is in his own home territory. Bears are supposed to be in the forest. Campers???

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