Pennsylvania Turnpike’s Online Survey: ‘Still No EZ Pass? Why Not?’

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – Operators of the Pennsylvania Turnpike are seeking input from those motorists who are still paying cash to use the toll road.

As part of a yearlong feasibility study of switching to an all-electronic toll system, spokesman Carl DeFebo says the Pennsylvania Turnpike has launched an online survey of cash-paying customers.

“We just want to get their general travelling habits. We certainly want to find out why they don’t have EZ Pass, and what type of incentive would encourage them to get it,” DeFebo tells KYW Newsradio.

The turnpike had previously announced its study of possibly switching to a cashless toll system. But if that were to happen, folks without EZ Pass would still be able to use the turnpike: photos of their license plates would be taken and they would get a bill.

The results of the feasibility study are expected early next year.

To take part in the Pennsylvania Turnpike’s cash customer survey, go to

The survey ends two weeks from Monday.

Reported by Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. slider says:

    Turnpike Commission built them self a Tasmahall then built a multi lane bridge both ways to replace a crumbling two lane…. BUT was it necessary to make the new bridge much higher than the old bridge, It sure wassn’t for boat traffic., Who approved the extra cost for building this behemouth.
    On second thought at least who ever built the bridge and ramps must have known what they were doing, Not like 43 south of Pitsburgh, It need continous repaving of bridge rams because of sinking of the road way. Then there was the millions to fix a lanslide cause buy some smart engineer pileing excavated dirt to close to a valley… Yes sir The tunpike does it right…

  2. hadenoughuc says:

    they raise the rates per year and raise tolls saying it cost more to have ezpass,but at the same time jobs are lost putting more people out on the street.

  3. alyce says:

    I will not get ez pass . You always have problems . The toll booth is easy and someone will have a job. ez pass is also contracted out to a company that has nothing to do with the Pa. turnpike.

    1. anonymous says:

      I agree. Some people commute over the turnpike everyday, which ez-pass is good for. But alot of us only use it once a month, and it’s just soo much easier to pay cash to a live person.

  4. Todd McDonald says:

    We should just get rid of the turnpike tolls altogether. Isn’t road maintenance one of the reasons I already pay taxes?

  5. eddie says:

    I wont get ez pass because it takes away a job from somebody who needs it, and in these times we need all the jobs we can get!!

  6. Peter Roach says:

    First, many Americans do not have bank accounts or debit / credit cards.
    Second, one can not simply pay in advance; the charges flow into the credit card or checking account at hard to predict intervals. It can make bookkeeping messy.
    A prepayment option would help. Say, a person could prepay say a $100 and have ti run for while and recharge the account via the internet or at a payment center.
    Thirds, many people are infrequent travelers and thus getting the EZPASS device can be an inconvenience.
    EZPASS is a great innovation and can facilitate the funding of new highway construction and maintenance.

  7. harry says:

    I laughed at the time I had to pay $8.60 to drive this crummy road.The toll taker just as much laughed at me for being a sucker to come and drive it.

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