In Wake Of Flash Mob Attacks, Philadelphia Plans Weekend Curfew Enforcement

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –  One week after flash mobs wreaked havoc in center city Philadelphia, the Nutter administration says police this weekend will clamp down by enforcing the city’s existing curfew laws.

The mayor’s office announced what it being described as “strict” enforcement this weekend of the city’s curfew.  That law, which went into effect in 2007, says that anyone under age 14 must be home by 10pm, anyone under 18 must be home by midnight.

“If they are warned and it looks like they’re not listening, we will take people into custody, identify who they are, and call their parents and have them picked up at the police station,” says Everett Gillison, the city’s deputy mayor for public safety.

Todd Quinones reports…

This curfew crackdown is citywide, and fines can range from $250 to $500.

In addition, Gillison announced additional steps specifically for center city, where last weekend’s flash mob attacks occurred (see related story).  This includes additional overtime for longer police shifts, more bike patrols, and mounted horse patrols.

Meantime, Mayor Nutter, who is wrapping up a two-week vacation, plans a news conference on the subject this coming Monday.

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Reported by Mike Dun, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. TeaPublicany says:

    I don’t understand the uproar? These brave young men and women are every bit like minutemen as compared to Rush and Hannity’s version of the new Tea Party compared to old. After all they are out there in a “FLASH”.

    1. TeaPublicany says:

      If Republicans could have a fake Tea Party that does nothing to address UNFREE TRADE or job creation here in America rather than China, Why can’t Democrats have Minutemen that communicate by cell phone?

  2. Marty Kleino says:

    Violence is wrong, yet, with the new crisis of economic fear, S&P downgraded U.S. based on debt deal debasing Democratic system, and more citizens than ever, ask, “How can we GET BACK our Balanced Right of Opportunity –at least for our children– when so FEW people, Have So Much power and influence?

  3. NicholeW says:

    I can not believe the comments I just read. “keep bitting the white hand that feeds you”! Are you serious? Racism is truly alive in Philadelphia and that is a shame. It’s hard being a “black hand”, especially when you will always come second to the “white hand”. Remember we were slaves who were captured and OWNED by the “white hand”, so if we act like savages please forgive us, but you made us that way.

    1. Asia says:

      Twisted history at best. Natives captured natives. Natives sold captured natives to other natives who in turn sold them to the arabs who in turn sold them to the Dutch who in turn sold them to the Spanish. Africans were put upon by fellow Africans way before whites got involved. To this day the slave trade still goes on in Africa.
      As for the one who said the white hand that feeds them has no conception of helping a fellow man. And that goes for the blacks also. Being black is no harder than being any race. This is a moral and societal problem in some communities brought on by the concept that one does not have to work for what they get. These kids do a major disservice to every decent member of the community in which they live. They dishonor their parents, church leaders and themselves. Want to put the blame on someone? Don’t bother. There is plenty to go around. Your last sentence insists on the the fact they condoning the action of being a savage as long as someone else is to blame.

  4. alexander says:

    Slightly apalled by some of the classist comments on this comments list…

  5. Coolbreeze says:

    In Pennsylvania one has the right to carry and with the new Castle Doctrine law coming into effect at the end of the month, you will be able to defend yourself anywhere you have a legal right to be. There are not enough police to protect anyone, you must protect youself. Get your CCW permit, putchase a handgun, learn how to use it. Believe me, if the good people start defending themselve, they will have a bigger impact on these thuggest flash mobs than the police could every have.

    1. TeaPublicany says:

      I don’t understand the uproar? These brave young men and women are every bit like minutemen as compared to Rush and Hannity’s version of comparing the new Tea Party to old. After all they are out there in a “FLASH”.

  6. Fight fire with fire says:

    Since the flash mobsters are using technology on their victims, why not use technology to catch them? Each one of them has a cell phone in their pocket. Use the GPS signal from the phone to identify them and haul them into jail.

  7. Philly says:

    The only way to end this violence is too penalize the entire family. If anyone violates the law, and is convicted, end all entitlements (food stamps, Section 8, welfare, etc., etc.) to the family. Unfair? Maybe, then their parents would take more responsibility for their offspring.

    1. Charw says:

      While I respect your attempt for a solution, the stereotype here is unacceptable. You assume that they are all poor children and you stereotype families as if everyone is on welfare or collecting funds from the government. As an African-American with relatives that still live in the city, I can assure you that my relatives are working citizens; no one is on welfare nor are they recipients of food stamps.

  8. Hater says:

    Curfew? Most of these riots happen before midnight. They’ll be back in a few weeks as usual. It’s bad enough we have to feed, clothe and shelter these savages but to get repayed by getting attacked is ludicrous. Keep biting the white hand that feeds you and you will be sorry. Soon you will see how “daddy
    ” roll…………..yo

  9. Wise One says:

    Most of these congenitally feral thugs can never be socialized. They breed too quickly. There aren’t nearly enough police or prisons to contain the ones living now, let along the millions coming. A growing and dangerous national dilemma,

  10. Beat Down says:

    Where is the Rev Al Sharpton? Reverand, please, Phila needs your help!!

  11. caps says:

    O yea that will scare these animals. Seriously what a joke.

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