Caught On Tape: Gunmen Open Fire On SEPTA Bus

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s like something out of the movies. But, in this case the guns are real and the victims are SEPTA passengers in the wrong place at the wrong time, although remarkably no one was hit.

In court, authorities show the video of two men opening fire on a SEPTA route 47 bus at 7th and Cecil B. Moore in North Philadelphia in June. Four people are held for trial.

The prosecution alleges defendant Penny Chapman triggered the shooting. A man on the bus threatened to call DHS on her for spanking her child. After their argument, she allegedly made a phone call and the armed men were waiting for the bus. They helped get her off the bus, then Chapman allegedly pointed out the man she wanted shot. She said ‘shoot him’ and they opened fire. And it was all caught on tape by seven SEPTA cameras.

Watch The Terrifying Video Of The Shooting:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Prosecutor Morgan Model Vedejs says, “At least five of the bullets go at the back door of the bus. There are six or seven people actually sitting at the back of the bus. There is a woman standing in the middle of the bus as you see shots coming through. She has absolutely no idea what is going on. She ends up having to dive under the seat to avoid the bullets hitting her.”

Terrified passengers scrambled for cover.

“It’s essentially innocent people taking a SEPTA bus and two people deciding to open fire with all of those individuals as possible victims of murder, victims of assault. I mean, they just had every single one of them as a possible victim,” Model Vedejs explained.

The bus driver sped away from the gunfire.

Chapman’s attorney disputes she made a call to set up the ambush. He says there is a lot of speculation.

Reported by Tony Hanson, KYW Newsradio 1060

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  • GK

    We did not come to this overnight. America has gotten exactly what it asked for. I hope you are all happy; both the left which made it happen and the right which comfortably looked the other way. Congratulations and shame on us all.

    • Ijiwaru Sensei

      Two words which seem to be foreign to many–“personal responsibility.” There is no one to blame but those who perpetrated the act.

      • Ed

        Ijiwaru, I applaud your common sense. Unfortunately, many here have none.

  • GK

    Obama voters.

    • Jerome


      • Al

        Trademark violation, Microsoft has been notified.

  • Curtis

    Welcome to the Democrat Plantation of Philadelphia!

    • terryatrae

      This is the result of the Southern White Gentleman’s Club being unable to control their ‘voters’. They now have plantations all the way to the Canadian Border. Too bad the people who were freed didn’t at least thank the folks that freed them. Instead they continue in the service of former owners in the Southern White Gentlemans Club. (Also known as the DNC and sometimes the KKK). Sad…

    • p3orion

      I am getting sick of blacks thugs who think the law doesn’t apply to them. Could it be they’re encouraged by a President who think the Constitution doesn’t apply to him?

      • Heyward Shepherd

        How about the “Justice Dept” that ignores their actions. They don’t thing the law doesn’t apply to them they know it doesn’t!

      • Phillygurl

        Wow white folks amaze me. Some idiot in Norway kills 77 people and I have not heard one white person make any comments regarding his race, same thing with Casey Anthony. You idiots still stand by her story that the baby drowned.

  • Cnetral PA Res

    Gee – maybe if they were all at WORK (LOL) – none of this would have happened. Charge all 3!

  • non resident of phila and happy

    this is a primary example of why people are moving out.
    “keepin it real”
    attempted murder at the drop of a hat.
    betcha they all voted for obama

    • Slick

      Voted for Obama, they probably cant even read…and philly is not the only place violencen happens too….I am sure your area is no better than the next!

  • char woods


  • wsedfyh

    Of course it was an ambush. You don’t walk around (awkwardly) with rifles stuffed in your pants unless you plan on using them for something. Of course she called for them, unless we are to believe that the guys that met her just happened to have AK-47s in their pantlegs. What a coincidence!

    • Outa Here

      Actually some of these guys do walk around with guns (even AK47s) in their pants. And you’d never know it. We are turning into Somalia.

  • Bone Lee Tadpole

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if these armed citizens in the vids had their P.A. conceal carry licenses….??????

  • Brad43646

    Look at the asshat trying to pull a handcannon out of his pants. Lucky he didn’t shoot his balls off.

    • Beens

      I think “unfortunately” is a better term than “lucky”

  • Bubba666

    They should hunt down people like this and shoot them like rabid dogs. They are vermin.

    • Alpha 1

      What we all witness is the complete fall of America and I so amen!

  • Byron

    well I home we can all lean something from this, namely keep guns out of the hands of Democrats

    • sdhgzdf

      I refuse to watch videos that have ads at the beginning that are longer than the clip I am about to watch. Also, the video in the lower corner that plays automatically is irritating and obnoxious.

      • Ryan Ritenour

        Use firefox and adblock. It worked great. When that video started, I just clicked on the “Block” button above it and it was gone.

  • Disgusted

    We need prisons like overseas. If we start treating them like the criminals they are then the re-offending rate wouldn’t be so high.
    For that young girl she needs her child taken away from her. If they don’t he will be just like his uncle and his friends.

    • nuisance207

      Our prison system as it is is purely punitive and frankly I don’t want to live in a police state. If these two individuals didn’t grow up as fatherless welfare trash, this wouldn’t have happened.

      • BarrysHypocrisy

        Yeah, right. It’s all society’s fault. I guess you don’t believe in personal responsibility. Just blame it on everyone else. Typical liberal blathering.

    • Sofedupwithtoday

      I agree, we do need to start treating this ‘people?????’ like the criminals they are. It seems like our justice system works for the criminal first and the victim last.

  • KK

    What a bunch of losers. They didn’t even have the balls to go into the bus itself. Worthless POS. Why would you do something so stupid???

  • Dennis

    The good thing no one got hurt, the bad thing all involment their lifes has taking another turn 7 more blacks in prison and a baby without her MOTHER. We are at war with the system as people who are good to the world especially a Blackmen this is what I have to deal with,this is why I get them looks,this is why I’m sterotype and I’m not gonna Let this and/or I let this denie me of my dignity but cause I love myself too much to be sitting behide somebody’s MONKEYBARS,very sad, this is what they want and this is what we give them. True Gangsters oh they y’all kids cuz I don’thave any and sure nuff my kids would’nt ,Know y I don’t have one single gun and never touch a gun and if somebody was to show me a gun I’m OUT leaving I don’t care who or why.I don’t need a gun I got GOD my protection when he call me I ready at anytime without a gun

    • Sean Patriot

      You’re a fool and an idiot.

    • August

      “7 more blacks in prison and a baby without her MOTHER”

      That’s A GOOD THING!

    • August

      She left the baby’s blue stroller on the sidewalk, with DNA on it


  • Boys in tha hood...

    Black on black crime…never seems to get old

  • Robert S.

    Unbelievable. Like a scene from Baghdad…

  • Jim Wilmer

    Definately the milk of human kidness is missing now days. We definately know Gods’ Love is not being shown

    • Chris

      Wow!. Should we not be protesting at the court house that these so called citizens be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Who wants to march?

      • VIPER

        well we cant. Have to work. Someones got to pay for their welfare, free phones, etc, etc. Gotsta git my benefits! Animals. If we had a pack of rabid
        dogs roaming the neighborhood what would we do?

  • Senseless

    She started all this in motion if proven guilty throw her and her braindead crew under the jail.Nobody is talking about North Philly, a lot of good people live in North Philly.We are talking about these lowlife losers including Penny Chapman.How would you feel if you were on the bus?

  • Big Boss

    Seriously, put them in jail and never let them out. Linda, I hope you are joking, otherwise you should begin to think before you talk. How does an argument on the bus equate to shooting up a bus? If we are going to use the logic, then anytime someone gets arrested with a gun or stolen property should receive life sentences with no chance of parole.

  • Sarge

    Instead of sending our brave young citizens to war, i advocatewe send the multi-generational welfare moochers to war ! No boot camp for them,they learned to kill at a young age.

    • Annoyed SEPTA Rider

      Sarge, you’re the MAN!! :0) And I’d seriously like to add, THANK YOU SIR, FOR ALL YOU’VE DONE!!

    • SMH

      But if you send them into War for the United States, you wouldnt be able to trust them… If they get a better offer they would take it and still kill American’s…

      • Sarge

        So true !

  • LeoW

    We need more gun laws !

    • Not Myprez

      We’ve got enough gun laws…you better start taking advantage of them if you are a law abiding citizen, and start carrying

    • Bob

      Really? Cause we all know criminals don’t break laws!

    • Disgusted

      Why? Those guns are stolen anyway.

      • Don

        No. Gun laws will not help. I am certain these young men did not follow any laws in obtaining those guns. Consider this, what would have happened had they got on the bus with baseball bats, would we consider making them illegal as well? It isn’t the gun, it the nature of humans that need to be changed. There is something fundamentally wrong when things like this can happen, without any remorse or concern about human life.

    • mike

      blame harrisburg. mayor nutter tried to pass stricter gun control laws and harrisburg told him he couldn’t because it was against the city charter and that only the state (which is controlled by the conservative counties) can pass gun control laws. call or write to the state reps and state senators

      • leopard_colony

        I counted a half dozen firearm felonies before they even fired a shot. You don’t need more gun control, you need crime control. Even if outlawed guns would just walk across the border. Any illegal can carry anything they want across the border.

      • VIPER

        more laws? OMG it amazes me idiots like you are capable of walking around. Why stop there. Why don’t we go ahead and make Hussein dictator. He can take all our money and make it illegal to own any weapon. Why it would be a utopia! Hallaleua! We’d all be saved. blame harrisburg? I blame liberal, spineless, hippies that cant read the damn constitution. If you think for ONE second that more laws will prevent these bottom feeders from doing exactly what they did you are complete and utter MORON. Only two things will solve it, they either find Jesus or go to meet him.

      • johannes Heller

        Viper, I hope you’ve meant: “either they’ll find Jesus or meet Satan”, just my thoughts…

  • sickandtired

    Shabazz, your eyes are closed…let us know when you wake up

  • sickandtired

    We should round up these guys and the flash mob kids and send them off to iraq with only the weapon that was used by them. lets see how tough they would be then

    • disgusted

      I agree. I had family members sent to Baghdad,Iraq. I didn’t understand why the people on death row and convicted of murder couldn’t fight the war. Now my family member is traumatized by what they had to do. Since it is easy to them drop them off and leave them there.

  • William T. Shabazz

    Annoyed SEPTA Rider, You should be ashamed of yourself! You already have Sister Penny tried and convicted of a crime with no evidence to substantiate your claim. The only thing she is guilty of is trying to keep her child on the right path. SHAME TO YOU AND YOURS!

    • Hater

      Are you really that stupid or are you just a troll. 7 cameras, witnesses, etc. but no evidence? It’s a shame you weren’t on that bus.

    • Argyjr

      William…Annoyed SEPTA Rider is ABSOLUTELY correct! That waste of life should be charged just as severely as the shooters. If I try to hire someone to kill someone else, am I not charged with a crime? Disgusting. No wonder people stay away from North Philly. My heart goes out to any decent people stuck living there.

    • Annoyed SEPTA Rider

      And may you and yours continue to be Blessed!!

    • Annoyed SEPTA Rider

      William, sorry you feel that way. BUT, had she NOT called on her possie in the first place, none of the shooting would have happened. My comment has nothing to do with her spanking her child. I totally agree with disciplining your child. My comment has to do with the phone call she made to get the shooting in motion. And I stand by my words. She should be charged as well as the shooters.

    • Disgusted

      Are you serious. After he (the guy in the blue shirt) helped her out the bus she pointed at the guy. Then like a coward ran away from the bus because she knew they were going to shoot (bold enough to make the call, why not stand around to see the outcome). I don’t disagree with her beating her son. But lets grow up here no amount of words is warranted for a shot out.

    • Carol


    • Slick

      William, what planet are you on? What video were you watching? She should be the first one convicted as she was the one who started the entire situation…Young and dumb is all I have to say!

  • Annoyed SEPTA Rider

    She should be charged as well as the shooters. She is totally responsible for what happened.

    • Heather

      She should be charged. THEN, there’s a trial. THEN we find out who is responsible. That’s how we do it in America, allegedly.

      • Annoyed SEPTA Rider

        Heather, you and Shabazz must be on the same page today. SHE is totally responsible for what happened BECAUSE SHE CALLED HER POSSIE, POINTED THE PERSON OUT, AND SAID, (wait for it) “SHOOT HIM.” HER action set in motion the shooting chain of events. SHE is the root of that evil. SHE caused the whole thing.

      • PHILIP


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