Police In Pennsylvania Town Investigating 2 Burned Kittens

NEW CASTLE, Pa. (AP) — Police in western Pennsylvania are investigating two kittens who were found burned in an alley, with a can of lighter fluid laid on top of their carcasses, by a woman who had taken in the kittens’ mother as a stray.

Dottie Plants tells New Castle police the stray cat she found earlier this year gave birth to four kittens in May. She was trying to find homes for the cats when two of them disappeared on Friday.

A day later, Plants’ sister contacted her to say the missing kittens had been burned in an alley behind a local grocery store in this city about 45 miles northwest of Pittsburgh.

Police Chief Thomas Sansone says police are looking into the incident. Plants says whoever did this “has no respect for life or himself.”

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One Comment

  1. Yikes! says:

    I can see no possible reason you would post such a stupid comment! Where is the story that bored parents burnt their kids and no one was worried???? Do you know of a child abuse case in New Castle where the police are not investigating? Did that happen to you and you feel neglected? Personally, I suspect neither of these things and you are just plain slow witted and want to see your name on here.

  2. diana says:

    those same people that abuse their children are also the same people capable of abusing animals too!!!! the ones that are able to abuse an animal go on to become murderers. no one should harm anything that lives or breathes. also if someone can run over a animal they would’nt thjink twice of running over a human. look at all the hit and runs you hear about on the news. its a shame how people can have no regard for life. that’s why this world is so ugly. i pray for all.

  3. DMyers says:

    No one seems to be as worried about parents being bored and stupid while they burn their children.. with cigarettes, cigars, Irons, whatever is hot and handy. I’d prefer there be a movement to worry about the innocent children TWICE as much as the innocent kittens. C’mon folks, get your priorities straight!

  4. Linda D Bryant says:

    We are truly living in the LAST Days!!!

    Animal cruelty, Animal hoarding–just sickening!!!!!

    If this is a child who has committed this heinous act, the parents need to get him or her some psychiatric help. If it’s an adult who did this–no JAIL—do the same to them as they did to those helpless kittens!!!!!

  5. kate says:

    whoever did it should receive the same treatment and i will be happy to strike the match.

  6. Pitbull Foster Mommy says:

    WTH is wrong with people? I am bored so let me go burn some kittens? These people (or kids) are headed to be murders in my eyes.

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