Ramsey Reveals Plans To Prevent ‘Flash Mob’ Attacks

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Speaking exclusively with CBS 3, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey revealed preliminary plans to prevent a repeat of Flash Mob violence which, last Friday night, left three victims beaten and robbed on Center City streets.

The Commissioner, speaking one on one with CBS 3’s Walt Hunter, confirmed 14 officers were transferred late Wednesday afternoon to the Center City District station.

He also indicated that shifts would be extended, beginning this weekend, and dozens of officers would be working overtime.

Ramsey says police and city officials are still finalizing plans, anticipating an announcement by Mayor Michael Nutter next week. It now appears city officials plan to use the same social media used to rally flash mobs, to send messages hoping to discourage teenagers from participating in them.

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The city also may use traditional media to get the word out.

The Commissioner says, in addition to officers on foot, bikes and in cars, the city’s newly reactivated Mounted Unit will be called in.

Ramsey also says that the city’s curfew law will be strictly enforced not just in center city, but in neighborhoods citywide.

Reported by Walt Hunter, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. TC says:

    Why not publicize that you are using Tipsoft (CrimeStoppers tool) to get anonymous tips, photos, videos and locations of participating teenagers? If the new social media iPhone and Android app is on everyone’s mobile phones, it might also deter the teenagers from participating in these events.

    1. anon1 says:

      Honestly, I think the cell phones today are too smart for their own good. It all started with camera phones. It’s good to be able to take pics for photo albums, or to even catch crimes in the making. But, people are using these phones for unlawful reasons such as standing behind you at the ATM and recording your pin. These phones have too much technology than is needed and in the wrong hands, they are more dangerous and harmful than good.

  2. Ray says:

    Gee, I feel safer already. As if 14 additional officers will make a difference. The fact is Center City Philadelphia is under-policed and always has been. Go to New York City and there are police officers everywhere, many are on foot and at most corners, especially in Manhattan. Not so here as they are usually in cars. If they are on foot, it is for special events or it will be in response to something like this one. Look at the token enforcement for the Give Respect Get Respect Campaign to target unsafe behaviors, mostly on the part of bicyclists: the police are only patrolling from 12 to 4PM!

  3. Taz says:

    …and Black kids wonder why I keep an eye on them when they come into my store. Gimmie a break!

    1. The 'other' Annonymous says:

      Wow. That’s totally uncalled for. I can tell you from experience that a lot of the times it’s not Blacks who are doing the stealing …. it’s the person you would least expect it. Yep …. sometimes it’s US!! I’ve seen a couple of white young adults around 20ish steal from a store, knowing full well that the Black guy would get blamed for it. They got away with it and the Black guy was forbidden to come back to the store from then on. No police were called or anything. The store owner knew, at that point, that it was the two white guys who stole the pack of tastykakes from the shelf, but, rathan than get THEM in trouble, he just told the Black guy not to come back into the store and that was that. So, yeah, it’s not always Blacks. Sometimes, WE do things we shouldn’t do also. It’s just covered up in some way. Sorry about that.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good. There should ALWAYS have been a curfew for young people under, say, 20 years old. ALL teens and under should be AT HOME by the time the curfew begins. And if they are over someone else’s house, then a responsible adult should be escorting that person home, preferrably via vehicle, but, if that’s not possible, then they need to be escorted home like I said, by a responsible adult. Just my opinion.

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