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Stigall Show Log 8.2.11

Chris_Stigall Chris Stigall
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5:40 Senator Pat Toomey is against the compromise deal reached to raise the debt ceiling.

5:45 South Carolina Senator Jim Demint is back to hinting he may back primary challenges to Republicans that vote for the deal.

5:47 The deal may not include as many cuts as stated

5:51 Defense spending takes a big hit in the compromise that may lead to future battles.

6:12 Another flash mob attack is bringing a stronger response from Mayor Michael Nutter and D.A. Seth Williams.

7:08 A Dunkin’ Donuts employee in New Jersey was arrested for allegedly charging for sex acts during breaks.

dunkin donuts Stigall Show Log 8.2.11

7:44 Chris talks to Congressman Pat Meehan about the compromise deal reached to raise the debt ceiling.

8:10 Chris talks to Margaret Hoover about her new book, American Individualism.

8:40 Chris talks to Senator Pat Toomey about his opposition to the debt ceiling compromise.

pat toomey Stigall Show Log 8.2.11


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