Exclusive: Doctor Helps Rescue Child Who Nearly Drowned In Main Line Creek

BERWYN, Pa. (CBS) — Since last Monday evening, Melissa Schweiter says she knew her 12-year-old son Logan had a guardian angel here on earth. She even knew his name: Dr. Michael Beers.

But she had not met him. That is, until Tuesday.

In an effort to spread the word of her son’s story – and raise awareness about a fundraiser for his medical care on Wednesday (see below) – Schweiter and Dr. Beers both spoke with Eyewitness News.

Watch the video…

Last Monday evening, Schweiter’s son Logan and two friends were playing near a branch of Ithan Creek in Radnor Township. It had just rained heavily, and the creek was swollen and running rapidly. It was clearly dangerous to most adults, but for young boys it was tempting.

“He was being a normal 12-year-old boy,” Schweiter said. They “decided that it would be fun to jump in with the floats [from a nearby pool] and take a ride.”

She said the boys quickly realized their mistake and Logan’s two friends were able to scramble to shore. But he was quickly swept several hundred yards downstream into an underground culvert.

Luckily, Dr. Beers, who lives nearby, heard the commotion and went outside to help.

“I heard a voice in my head. I think it was probably the fire rescue guys. I heard a voice that said, ‘Which way does the water run?’” Dr. Beers said. “I knew it came out 200 yards down.”

Dr. Beers took off into a neighbor’s backyard – and immediately found Logan, who at this point had been in the water for about 20 minutes.

By the way, Beers also happens to be a critical care doctor at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. His specialty: lungs.

“It sounds funny coming from a man of science of medicine, I think it was divine. There’s no other way to explain it,” he said. “I went into a neighbor’s yard, looked in the bushes, looked through, and the boy was there. Absolutely, you can’t explain that to a man of science or medicine how that happens. I went exactly to that spot.”

Still, Logan suffered brain damage, especially to areas of the brain that control movement and vision. He’s being cared for at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and has not yet regained consciousness, but his mother is hopeful.

She says Dr. Beers is actually not the only angel who’s gotten involved in this story. The Schweiters’ neighbors, Dave and Debbie Niggeman, are throwing a fundraiser Wednesday for Logan’s long term medical care at the McDonald’s they own in Berwyn. They are donating all the profits from dinner and a car wash to the family.

Here are the details of the fundraiser:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011
4:00pm – 7:00pm
Car Wash and Dinner
McDonald’s – 260 West Swedesford Road, Berwyn, Pa.

Reported by Ben Simmoneau, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. TF says:

    I am surprised that some people find this story an appropriate place to nit pick. This doctor is a civilian who reacted without concern for his own welfare.
    The whole idea behind rescue and ems service personnell is to do just that. It does not make their efforts any less commendable but I highly doubt any one of them chooses this line of work in hopes of media coverage.
    The main focus should be on Logan and the tough road ahead for that family.

    1. MC says:

      While I agree that it is regrettable that there is ‘nit picking’ on this story because of its nature, it is also regrettable that it has been sensationalized, and so inaccurately. The criticism surrounding the reporting of this story is aimed at achieving an accurate portrayal of the events that transpired that day rather than stealing the spotlight (as you said, rescue personnel do not do their job for the purpose of media coverage). Furthermore, some of the most vocal supporters of Logan’s cause (and quite a worthy cause it is) and the fundraiser that was held for him are the rescue personnel. As a member of the community I commend everyone involved for their actions but would like to remind the news that the facts and the stories that sell are often not one in the same.

      1. GM says:

        Well put MC, Rescue workers do not seek the limelight following a save, but when another person, one who was more detrimental at the scene than helpful, claims it for his own, that gets under the skin.

  2. jane says:

    I think its too bad that the firefighter who pulled Logan from those waters, risking his own life, and those who administered CPR have not been recognized for their heroic efforts.

    1. jeanne phillips says:

      i agree and its great that he was told where to look saving valuable time for logan. I also think the radnor police did a great job of clearing the road and helping keep everything calm and moving forward. this was a great group effort and made me proud of all of us, from the boys to the neighbors to the ems and the police here in Radnor!

  3. Citizen says:

    I guess the voice in his head forgot to mention the real heroes who made the save.

    1. jeanne phillips says:

      lets not forget the other real hero was the 12 year old who called 911, then didn’t wait but flagged down help to start looking before ems and the police arrived. lets all just take a breath and pray for a great outcome for Logan.

  4. CJ says:

    The people involved in this know who pulled him out of the water. Fortunately, they are humble.

    1. jeanne phillips says:

      i have heard him mention the ems guys. this was obviously a group effort. HIs comments were cut up. the real issue is that everyone was looking in the wrong place. The voice mentioned above was the one saying where to look.

  5. Pete says:

    CBS3 only supports free speech for its own usage.

  6. whytheface says:

    Why are my posts being deleted?

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