PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! There are a lot of tall weeds out there about this time of year. Some get started while you’re off on vacation, others lurk behind the garage or on a far patch of your yard you don’t visit very often. Thistles caught my eye recently and while their pink flowers can be pretty (and there are some native varieties as well as many invaders from Europe and Asia) the only way to stop them from making more next year, is to take action now.

If you can’t easily get in and dig out thistles and other tall flowering weeds completely, you can at least reduce their reproduction by cutting off the flowerheads and tossing them in the compost pile before they go to seed.

If you don’t, they’ll turn to fluff and take flight – you’ll soon see the seeds on the breeze, flying off into your flower beds and wherever else the wind may carry them. So if you don’t want thousands of more thistles and other tall weeds next year, it’s off with their heads right now!

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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