2-Year-Old Drowns In Gloucester County Lake

MONROE TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) – A two-year-old boy described as autistic drowned in a lake after wandering away from his Gloucester County home Monday night.

The tragic incident happened at about 8:20 p.m. near 12th Avenue in Monroe Township, New Jersey.

According to investigators, the victim’s aunt called police and reported the two-year-old missing after the boy had disappeared and she noticed the front door of the house open.

The aunt and a friend eventually found the young boy in about three feet of water in Victory Lake off Lakeside Drive at 9:21 p.m.

The boy was pronounced dead at Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Washington Township shortly after 11 p.m. after almost two hours on life-support.

The incident remains under investigation by the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office and the Monroe Township Police Department.

Reported By Steve Beck, CBSPhilly; Al Novack, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. Heather says:

    I am from Monroe Twp. I don’t think calling the parents stupid or saying that they are bad parents is appropriate.. Have some compassion for this family during this difficult time..Accidents happen and they could happen to u too..My condolences to the family..

  2. kate says:

    VERY SAD- the parents, and relatives must be saying “if only i had___” like any mother i think my child is safe at that hour of the night in my home. our children are in our care and we must be alert of their whereabouts at all times. in a split second the unheard of happens. but the end result in this case is a precious child is gone, RIP i am sure he is an angel by God’s side.

  3. Brian Michael Zebley says:

    Such a sad story. This little boys grandfather worked with me. RIP!

  4. dave says:

    Locks aren’t designed just for keeping people out…obviously they weren’t used and a poor decision cost this kid his life…

  5. Linda D Bryant says:

    Where were the stupid parents when this kid just walked away from home and
    wound up drowning????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Jen says:

      Not knowing the situation but I can say that caring for an autistic child is a 24-7 job that is so demanding and emotionally draining. Parents need a break once in a while. It’s called respite care. Not selfishness…a time to recoup and get a break. Just like those that work. You get breaks. But parenting a child at home there are no breaks. Yes locks should have been in place. I have a chain one above the deadbolt since my son can reach the door locks. If the caretaker was in the bathroom or etc, the boy would have slipped out easily. Mine would if I did not have the lock on. I have to take it off for my husband to get in the door afterwork. Just sad no matter who might have not been aware of the danger.

  6. Jennifer Leone says:

    Wow I live in this twp. Its always sad to hear stuff like this when its so close to home. Rip little guy.

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