Quakertown Man Accused Of Shooting Dog 32 Times With Pellet Gun

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) – A Quakertown, Bucks County man is facing misdemeanor animal cruelty charges for allegedly shooting his dog last week on the grounds of the Doylestown Country Club. The nearly 10-year-old American Bulldog had to be euthanized.

Doylestown Township police filed charges against 39-year-old Paul Bevan-Xenelis after he told them he shot his dog “Kane” one time a week ago Sunday morning because the dog had bitten a co-worker two days earlier.

But police chief Stephen White says an examination of the dog’s remains determined the bulldog had been shot 32 times with a 22-caliber pellet gun.

“The extreme cruelty of shooting the dog that many times and leaving the dog in distress alive is really unspeakable and that’s why we filed the charges,” White explained.

White says police responded to Country Club Lane and found the dog tied to a maintenance shed with wounds to its face and head. White says Bevan-Xenelis told them he believed the dog was dead and that he was planning to return and bury “Kane’s” remains.

Reported by Brad Segall, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. kate says:

    pitbull foster mommy
    i don’t condone animal abuse in any form, and contribute heavily to many rescue orgainizations. i have one pure breed from a breeder but have a rescue also.
    the piece of dirt who killed this animal could have done many different ways of getting rid of this animal. leave it off at a vet, shelters, etc and walked away. could have lied to a strange vet, whatever. and i am fully aware vets don’t just put animals down——– all rescues should be involved in voicing their concerns on this act in particular. bottom line this was this “human” should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and “animal lovers” whoever we may be should start the revolution of animal cruelty.

  2. Disgusted says:

    I want to hear the story of the person who was allegedly bitten. Were the injuries so severe as to warrant such cowardly, despicable OVERKILL?

  3. Debbie Wimsatt says:

    I have been so up set and all day since I learned of this. I actually called the DA’s office this afternoon to find out more. You know he posted bail and now will await a preliminary hearing before a judge. I BEG, if you live in this area please organize a rally. Make your voice heard before the judge and the community to make him an example for his crime..Call the DA’s office and make your voice heard..Don’t just write that your angry and upset do something. It will never change if you don’t.. Don’t let this dogs death be in vain. His children, whom I feel so sorry for, that their dad will always be known as a monster. He actually had the gall to mention walking with God on his facebook..I sent him a message telling what I think of him. He’s too stupid and self absorbed to know that GOD spelled backward is dog. HE had options and chose none but the cowardly way and that was to KILL a chained 10 year old defenseless dog:-( I have no pity for this man and neither should you..

  4. gman says:

    Poor bulldog.Shot 32times.That is truly TORTURE.The torturer will get off lightly,compared to his sick,warped sendoff to mans best friend.You might hear about this sicko in the future.

  5. Dan says:

    He should be shot, not fatally, then thrown into school of sharks.

  6. John Sebastion says:

    I think he needs to be shot with a .22 in the knees and elbow.

  7. Jim says:

    Wow, a misdemeanor! That’ll show him!

  8. joyce says:

    just spoke to someone at the doylestown country club and was told paul bevan xenelis was fired immediately – on the spot. good for them, i feel better! still not enough punishment for what he did to kane, but its a start. hopefully everyone will shun this creep and hell have a hard time getting hired elsewhere.

  9. Becci says:

    Boop, he should be tied to a maintenance shed, shot in the face and head and left to suffer for a while.

    1. Pitbull Foster Mommy says:

      Couldn’t agree more !

  10. kathyann rowan says:

    Anyone who hurts any animal should get harsh punishment i don’t know how long this is going to keep happening. RIP Kane …. May the coward who killed you burn in hell.

  11. Boop says:

    OMG did you seriously mention Michael Vick? Get a grip.

    Rest in peace poochy… this guy’s sentence should be to be shot 32 times with a pellet gun daily.

    1. Pitbull Foster Mommy says:

      Yeah we did and the reason is that his ugly mug will ALWAYS remind everyone that he is an animal abuser, killer and an all around POS. To most of us he is the poster face for animal abusers !

  12. Karen Moore says:

    He should be put in jail as the same as Vick was. Vick shouldn’t even be allowed to play and get paid “millions” for his crime. I know, none of us would be able to return our jobs. Just sayin

  13. Greg says:

    Kane was adopted in March from a local rescue — this guy could have simply returned him to the rescue if there were any issues at all about behavior. Instead, he took barbaric, cowardly steps and then lied about it. Agree completely that this should be a felony. Let’s be there when the hearing is scheduled.

    1. Pitbull Foster Mommy says:

      You are so right Greg, he could have taken Kane back to his original rescue and they would have rehomed him. I would like to know when the hearing is as well.

    2. Debbie Wimsatt says:

      AGREE. Let me know Greg, I’m your friend on facebook..

    3. diana says:

      i agree with in addtion i would tie him to a fence and cut off b–ls off. then maybe he will realize what he did was totally wrong

    4. sira says:

      there is rally planned at 9-2-11 hearing lets all show up and demand justice

  14. kevin says:

    MISDEAMEANOR????????? Thats garbage. This should be a FELONY. If I tied someone to a tree and did this would I just get a misdemeanor?

  15. treespenn says:

    Yet again, I hear a story like this and I lose a little more faith in humanity. How can we as a society allow people to behave this way, with minimal repercussions? if we don’t start ridding our world of this type of excrement, we are doomed.

    1. Pitbull Foster Mommy says:

      I too am losing faith in humanity one person at a time :-(

  16. Marie says:

    I agree wih all of the above comments….He/s another VICK. Let one get away with a SLAP many more will follow.DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD WANT DONE UNTO YOURSELF AND TIS INCLUDES PETS. One day you will meet your MAKER and I only hope HE sees it my way.

  17. Nicholas Giafes says:

    Understanding that the Law is ignorant to Values, the penalties should be increased and the Misdemeanor changed to a Felony. It’s important for Society to know what kind of person he is morally.

  18. Cindy says:

    The more I read about animal abuse the more I become distrusting of people.
    I am sick of the lack of laws to protect the animals on this earth and the abusers to not face the consequences of these horrendous actions. We need to help the helpless and not allow this to be a misdemeaner! He should be punished and made to pay and have jail time and be put on a road gang in the heat of the day with a collar around his neck.!!! HOPE SOMEBODY CARES ABOUT HIM!

  19. James says:

    It is almost certain that this is not the first time this sick depraved inhumane piece of garbage has done something like this act. If he worked at the country club, I would fire him. It should be a felony charge. I like the others hope a horrible painful death await him .

  20. P.O.ed says:

    This M-F needs to be shot 32 times with a bean bag gun and castrated so he can’t reproduce his kind !

    1. Allison says:

      Misdemeanor???????? Are you kidding?

  21. Heather says:

    Laws need to be harder for people that mistreat animals. He needs to feel what it’s like to be shot 32 times with a pellet gun and then left there. How can you look an animal in the eye who trusts and relies on you and do that?

  22. Gary says:

    If this “gentleman” has a spouse and children, I would suspect domestic abuse to be present.

  23. joyce says:

    this story disturbs me immensly. wish he could have been charged with a felony instead of just a misdemeanor. how can you have a dog 10 years and then shoot it 32 times and leave it to suffer and die? my dog is also ten and yes she sometimes is grouchy with the heat and she has arthritis, but i love her more. hope ‘what goes around, comes around’ and this monster will someday die a horrible death.

  24. Julie Ennis says:

    32 times! Really, I think this guy has more issues going on than just with the dog. I agree with Kate – this was definitely an inhumane ending to this dog’s life. It’s heartbreaking to see how some people treat their animals.

  25. kate says:

    he didn’t think— he could have taken the dog to a vet to have a more humane ending.
    someone should shoot him that many times with a pellet gun — tied up and all
    the dog was his for 10 years? unbelievable.
    let’s try to treat our animals with some kind of human decency– what is our nation and it’s people coming to.

    1. Pitbull Foster Mommy says:

      Kate – most veterinarians will not just kill an animal because it bit someone or the owner doesn’t want it anymore. There needs to be a good reason for it. Ya just can’t say I don’t want it anymore, will ya murder it for me?

      Sorry for sounding crass but when you are involved in animal rescue like I am we tend to not sugar coat the wording for PTS an animal.

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