5:40 John Boehner’s plan is not perfect, but it isn’t bad either.

5:50 Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton has come out to support John Boehner’s plan.

john bolton Stigall Show Log 7.28.11

6:12 Philadelphia residents anxiously await a resolution to the debt ceiling “crisis.”

7:20 Local reaction to the plan to privatize the PA LCB.

7:41 A judge has dismissed two charges against a cop who was fired for drinking on the job.

8:10 Natalie Munroe, a Bucks County Teacher who was suspended for ridiculing her students on her blog, has been resinstated.

8:42 Chris talks to South Carolina Senator Jim Demint about his opposition to John Boehner’s debt ceiling plan.

jim demint Stigall Show Log 7.28.11

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