New Jersey Gov. Christie ‘Fine’ After Being Hospitalized For Difficulty Breathing

HILLSBOROUGH, N.J. (CBS) — New Jersey governor Chris Christie will be back at work today after he had difficulty breathing and was hospitalized yesterday.

Maria Comella, Christie’s deputy chief of staff, says the governor is “fine and in charge.”

Christie, 48, was being driven to a farm in north-central New Jersey to sign a piece of open-space legislation when he experienced shortness of breath and was taken by his state police security detail to Somerset Medical Center.

Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak issued a statement that the governor was taken to the hospital “out of an abundance of caution” for someone who suffers with asthma.

“Governor Christie was having difficulty breathing this morning and out of an abundance of caution he went to Somerset Medical Center to be checked out.  In line with someone dealing with asthma, he is being given routine tests as a precautionary measure,” the statement said in part.

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Christie, who has suffered with asthma since he was a teen, had his inhaler with him at the time.  He walked into the hospital unassisted and was administered a series of tests, including ones for breathing and heart function.

Officials said the tests were inconclusive as to whether Christie’s breathing problem had been connected to his asthma.

By late afternoon staff members were saying the governor was joking with members of his entourage and hospital staffers, and was released at 6:30 PM.

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  • Guess Who

    I’m amazed at the libt ards who, like spoiled brats, wish death on a guy who is doing what needs to be done. Waaaaah, the evil fat man took away my favorite toy, bloated pension, free stuff, etc.

  • Stigall Show Log 7.29.11 « CBS Philly

    […] Chris Christie is fine after an asthma attack forced him to the hospital […]

  • Stigall Show Log 7.29.11 « CBS Philly

    […] Chris Christie is fine after an asthma attack forced him to the hospital […]

  • upnover


  • anonymous

    he can’t breathe because he’s too freakin FAT and we’re paying his hospital bill !!!!!!

  • Chris Keeley

    God just gave you a warning Christy, heed to it.

  • kate

    the governor has taken a hard stand about cutting excess throughout the state. hard job to do when so many take everything they can and then some. i wouldn’t want to be in his shoes,but he had the guts to do it, perhaps you would want corzine back and then your real estate taxes would go up even more.
    no one should make fun of health issues, and yes he should take weight off but saying it and doing it are often 2 different things. no one said he doesn’t want to but actually being able to do it isn’t easy. give him a break people

  • giulia


  • Paul

    It’s not easy doing the right thing. The free ride is over people. Governor Christie is a good man doing the right, smart thing. Get well, Chris, this country needs you.

  • itz

    He choked on a crispy creme donut.

  • Ocean Brrze

    No worries. They found some blockage in his air passage. And in other news, The Lindbergh baby has finally been found. “I thought that my daddy was just taking me on a long Zeppelin ride. I was surprised to learn I was inside The Governor” said a confused but healthy looking 83 year old Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr. Asked what he would miss the most now that he was free, Chas. Jr. said “the food”.

    • anon513

      LMAO You should be paid for stand-up comedy. That’s really good.

      • Ocean Brrze

        Gee thanks, sit down comedy is my speciality.

    • anon513

      :0) You do it well!!

  • Linda D Bryant

    Could it be all of that FAT that surrounds him!!!!

    SInce he has trimmed all of the excess from the NJ Budget, maybe he should
    also consider shedding some pounds!!!!

  • Law

    He probably ate too much since he takes all our cash for food and services liike taking a damn Helicopter to see a game. Stop eating you’re going to blow up soon!

  • Aaron

    Being Republican and Millionare, he doesn’t need Medicare/Medicaid, he can pay cash for his medical treatment…..Gov. Arbuckle!!! And this is only the beginning when chickens come home to roost summoned by Santería and blessed by Chango’!

  • Hater

    Best of luck and hoping for a full recovery Governor Christie.

  • Anonymous

    He was probably over burdened with the question the lady had for him about cutting funding to public schools, then he putlicly told her to shut up and mind her own business. God don’t like ugly!!

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