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By Beasley Reece

The Eagles made a couple of deals today that will hopefully keep the vocal, mistrusting few from counting the Birds out before the first kick off.

“What’s wrong with the Eagles darn it. They need to get their heads out of their hip pads.”

No, you need to calm down and let the front off run the team. The Kevin Kolb trade has been done for months. It wasnt leaked until today because it took time for the Arizona Cardinals to negotiate a 63 million dollar contract with Kolb. The Eagles held out for and got a second round pick to package with Dominique Rogers-Cromatie in exchange for Kevin. DRC is a pro bowl corner back filling the cavornous hole on the right side. The Birds also needed a defensive end to stop teams from sliding blocking schemes to Trent Coles side. Although the talk show Screamers whined about the teams failure to jump on the first warm free agent body, the Eagles signed Jason Babin, a player with 12.5 sacks last year.

Patience is often rewarded and the cooler heads often prevail.

On another topic, practice today was a breeze. No really, it was a literally a breeze. The players wore shorts and helmets and got everything but an ice cream break. The practice condition restrictions spelled in the new agreement moves the NFL players union closer to the MLB players union in power over the working environment. No pads till Sunday, almost a week of days off during training camp with no bed check the night before the off days.

I’m thinking about making a comeback.

A 57 year old can handle this schedule.
Still, in typical Andy Reid fashion, they looked organized and efficient going through their paces. I was still led to chuckle when a dozen or so players had the nerve to take an ice bath after the glorified walk through.

God bless ’em. My generation of NFLers die early, suffer from brain related ailments, need artificial limbs, etc. These guys may live to be 200.


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