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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – As congress continues debate on FAA jurisdiction, collection of a tax on airline tickets expired Friday at midnight (see related article). But many airlines are still collecting those fees, but keeping them for themselves, an estimated $200-million per week (see related article). Travelers at Philly International Airport have mixed opinions about the move.

Here at Philadelphia International, travelers like Kevin House, sum it up in two words: “Not surprising.” But, he adds, “I’d rather it go to the airline – the companies, the employees — than right into a government that’s spending money like wildfire.”

Some, like Danny Martin, barely even blink when they hear the news, “They try to nickel and dime you anyway they can. If they can make $2 on you they’re going to do it. They make it a very unpleasant experience generally.”

Others, though, see room for improvement, “Yeah, I don’t think they should just pocket it, with the quality of air travel today, they could probably use that funding to increase security and hopefully move people through a little more quickly.”

The move has some government officials, including members of the senate aviation subcommittee blasting the airline industry (see related article).

Reported by Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio 1060

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