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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Former Philadelphia mayor John Street has ruled out challenging the current mayor, Michael Nutter, as an independent candidate in this fall’s general election.

Speculation that John Street would challenge Nutter in November escalated in April, when Street changed his voter registration from Democratic to independent.

Now, though, the former two-term mayor is ruling out another run.

In an e-mail to KYW Newsradio, Street said he will not be a candidate this year either for mayor or City Council.  He said the decision to stay out of the fray was driven by his interest in traveling and spending time with his family, including four grandchildren, and by his enjoyment of teaching at Temple University.

But Street in the e-mail goes out of his way to praise Nutter’s Republican challenger, Karen Brown, and to promise her his guidance.

And Street isn’t closing the door for a return to politics after this year: he ends the e-mail by saying, “Maybe another time.”

Here is the full text of Street’s e-mail:

Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 3:23 PM
To: Dunn, Mike (KYW)
Subject: Re: Your plans?

Good afternoon

I have decided not to be a candidate for any public office in the general election notwithstanding a great deal of very enthusiastic support for both Mayor and city council at large.
As you know I spent 28yrs in local government having held the most responsible locally elected offices dealing with the city’s biggest challenges. It was a thrilling experience. We had some great successes. I worked with some talented people.
I decline to run not because I feel too old or lack the energy. Frankly I have never felt better and maintain an intense passion for local government. I intend to stay active and will do so in a very direct and organized way which I will announce shortly.
However . . .
I enjoy teaching almost as much as I enjoyed my considerable responsibility in local government. Temple is a great University and it’s a challenge and special opportunity to work with the faculty and staff in the political science department preparing some of the world’s best students for future leadership in the country.
My decision was in part driven by my interest in traveling and spending more time with my family including my wife , 4 children and 4 grandchildren. Family has always been important to me and having the opportunity to cultivate relationships with grand children is a unique part of life.
I will continue to work with Tom Massaro in the most comprehensive non partisan orientation for new elected officials I have ever seen. This or a similar course should be required of all newly elected officials.
I have agreed to voluntarily share some of my experience with Karen Brown who is as sincere , enthusiastic and hard working a candidate I have ever seen. She deserves the full support of the republican party which could be considerable if the powers in that party decide to cooperate in her effort to make the general election a competitive and worthwhile experience for the citizens of our city.
I’m humbled by the wide spread show of support from the many folks who offered to volunteer , fund raise or otherwise work in a campaign.
Unfortunately running for public office is inconsistent with my immediate plans – maybe another time.
3:23:38 PM
Wed, Jul 27, 2011
Former Mayor Jfstreet

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Reported by KYW City Hall bureau chief Mike Dunn

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