Bucks Co. Teacher Reinstated After Blogging About ‘Lazy’ Students

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — A Bucks County teacher who was suspended over a blog in which she called students “disengaged, lazy whiners” has been reinstated.

A lawyer for Natalie Munroe says she will be allowed to return this fall to her classroom at Central Bucks East High School. (see related story)

Attorney Steve Rovner says the district reinstated Munroe to the same school, teaching the same classes. He says her talents would best be utilized at a different school in the district, but that’s not an option.

Munroe was suspended in February after the district became aware of her blog, in which she described some students as “frightfully dim,” “whiny” and “tactless.”

Reported by Ian Bush, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. Sonia says:

    Whenever someone is denigrated especially in a public forum there could be a price to pay and wherever you work you have your “customers”, they could be your coworkers, boss, students, and if you write nasty things the good and the bad won’t want your services. I am sure this teacher regrets her choice of forum. It is never a good idea to write something derogatory in cyber space it is there forever, it’s not like moaning to your husband or best friend everyone can see it.
    If someone does not enjoy their work with the challenges they face then that may not be the right career path to take. Teaching especially is a vocation or at least it should be and just because the students aren’t what you expected or are badly behaved doesn’t make it any less so. All the negative comments posted for the whole world to see don’t help the problem, they are just hurtful and unkind. This young lady has a lot to learn. I would not value her as a teacher for my children.

  2. StJames888 says:

    It’s sad that kids nowadays can’t spell, write or do math worth a damn but call them out for it and a teacher will get suspended. I see a systematic dumbing down of kids thru the educational system that is suposed to prepare them for adulthood; Kids now will whine and cry foul if they fail a test or a class; they will have the backing of the parents who will raise the (moronic) point of: well junior got a 58% isn’t that good enough cos he got more right then wrong? Good parenting begins at home, and sadly so does bad parenting. I applaude the teacher for calling out these kids for being lazy, whiny and moronic; the truth obviously hurts. Lastly if you’re offended by this you are probably part of the problem. Wise up parents be a part of the solution, stop condoning stupidity on the part of kids and educators.

  3. Linda J. says:

    Why is it that person who speak the truth are persecuted. The truth is in our face everyday and yet people still can’t believe.

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