By: Beasley Reece

I spent the day on stakeout at the NovaCare Complex as the NFL opened its doors for business Tuesday.

The players looked clearly relieved. A player’s locker is like a private sanctuary. It’s like a little condo with supplements and good luck charms crowding the shelves. It holds memories good and bad.

The Eagles report to Lehigh University Wednesday, but many players stopped by Tuesday to visit their locker, pick up play books and visit coaches.

So much to do in such little time.

Teams that usually field successful teems will do the best job of signing new talent during this abbreviated format. The Eagles started this first day needing to sign 30 players to swell their roster to the training camp limit. It’s a task that normally requires an offseason of preparation.

They have a few hours.

Eagles fans are lucky. Whether or not you agree with their choices, the Eagles make definitive moves, they are well prepared, they have a detailed plan of action and they don’t look back.

I would focus on the Kolb trade, signing top pick Danny Watkins, finding a defensive end to play opposite Trent Cole, and acquiring the free agents I need to fill holes and address depth.

I would not be focused on DeSean Jackson. Action Jackson is my favorite Bird to watch, followed closely by Vick, but he has a contract. I would pay him last.

Michael Vick inadvertently hinted that Jackson may hold out of camp. He deserves more money but I would explain the business that must be handled now vs. business that can be handled later.

Now is a race for talent. It’s like D1 national college signing day. I would tell DeSean to understand that we must grab what we can to help the team and then address his contract issues.

Jackson is a diva, but that’s OK. I like him as our diva.

Let’s hope our little speedster can slow down long enough to put the team first.


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