PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Do these colors clash? Lots of people potting up planters this year seem to be taking that as a challenge! Classic color combinations used to tend toward the traditional – just red and white, only orange and yellow, or a pot of purely pastels, such as pinks and purples. Complimentary colors are often chosen from opposite each other on the color wheel – yellow and purple, or red and green. But these days, you see almost any mix – red and purple and pink and orange – together in one pot! It’s exciting to see – and it often looks great.

Annuals are a perfect place to show a little color courage. Experiment with colors you like but always thought or were taught – ‘didn’t go together.’ Start at the store – put plants together on your cart and pick what’s pleasing to you.

If you end up hating it, they’re easy to rip out. But with annuals, they’re going to die as soon as the frost hits in the fall anyway, so if it turns out less than lovely, you can do something entirely different – or go back to your time-tested color combos – next year.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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