Hundreds Arrested In New Jersey Child Support Sweep

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey authorities have arrested hundreds of parents who collectively owe more than $18.7 million in child support.

The 1,074 arrests announced Saturday by the Sheriff’s Association of New Jersey were made by sheriff’s officers and other law enforcement officials during a 3-day statewide sweep conducted this week.

Officials say they’ve collected more than $211,000 in delinquent payments so far.

The biannual sweep targets noncustodial parents who have either failed to pay child support or failed to appear at mandatory court hearings to establish child support or medical support.

They are coordinated by the state’s Child Support Services office and the Sheriffs Association of New Jersey.

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One Comment

  1. Queen says:

    How about arresting mothers for thier choices in “BABY DADDIES”, since they are the ONLY ones who can choose

  2. Dadzrites says:

    Interesting. The statewide sheriffs child support enforcement sweep collected a whopping total of 1.13% owed ($251K of $19 Million owed). How much money was wasted in overtime, salaries, gas, wear and tear on the vehicles, and other costs???? From what I understand, each county wastes between $10,000-$50,000 to go out on this so-called “deadbeat dad” raids.

    How come we don’t see law enforcement arresting women for visitation and custody interference? Because when fathers request the services of law enforcement–that they’ve paid taxes for–they are told by the police it’s a CIVIL matter, and you have to go back to Family Court. But, child support enforcement is a CIVIL matter! This is unconstitutional enforcement of the laws.

    Plus, pensions & salaries of judges, child support workers, law enforcement, and even politicians are directly & indirectly linked to how much child support is collected, enforced upon, and awarded in the courts under Federal law Title 42 USC Section 658(a) (a/k/a the Federal child support reimbursement incentive to the states). The Feds gives the state hundreds of millions at the end of every fiscal year for amount of support AWARDED, enforced & collected. Even uncollected support is included.

    The US Supreme Court has held in the cases of Tumey v. Ohio, Ward v. Monroeville, Gibson v. Berryhill, In re Murchison, et al., that judges and public officials who sit on cases where they have a financial interest in the outcome of those cases, and where they would misuse their contempt powers to extract/extort more and more monies out of unsuspecting litigants/taxpayers/voters in this wealth redistribution scam, must disqualify/recuse themselves otherwise it constitutes an unconstitutional conflict-of-interest and their orders are nullified as a result.

    Child Support laws come from Soviet Family Law, Article 81 and are known as the “Wisconsin Child Support Model”. Judges & public official involved in this child support racketeering fraud are committing felony Official Misconduct, Treason & Sedition when enforcing Soviet law.

    Eliminating the entire $10 BILLION per year child support enforcement industry and sending the checks directly to child support recipients, like Social Security checks or wire transfers, would end the “deadbeat dad” hysteria, eliminate all arrearages at once, get rid of “dead wood” gov’t workers and their unnecessary salaries and pensions, would allow the children to get all of their money on time.

  3. Guess Who says:

    Any babydaddies in that group….or just people who actually work for a living?

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