Store Owner Fights Off Robbers, Now Owes $6,500

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A female store owner, robbed twice in two weeks, says she feels victimized yet again.

In late June, Yuzhen Ma was caught on surveillance video trying to wrestle a gun out of the hand of a man she says tried to rob her. She maintains she fought back to protect her son who was also in the store.

Ultimately, she won that battle but as it turns out, headaches from that struggle is the least of her concerns.

She has since received a bill for $1,021 from the fire department for paramedic services. Aria Health wants a little over $5,500 for her ER visit and her X-rays cost her $362.

Ma says her Wissinoming business barely makes enough to pay for her rent and utilities. Thus she has is unable to afford insurance.

So 3-On-Your-Side turned to Capt. Charles Bloom with the Philadelphia Police Department’s Victims Services Unit for help.

Ma did qualify and was notified to seek compensation through the Victims Assistance Program. With help from a translator, her application is in the works.

Capt. Charles Bloom explained, “It’s for the people who don’t have insurance, who don’t have a dental plan. Not only the victim per se, it’s also the witnesses to the crime are entitled in some case, the family members.”

The program is federally funded. It’s financed by fines and penalties paid by convicted criminals. It’s designed to pay for medical bills, some lost wages and benefits for victims of certain crimes.

Capt. Bloom added, “Some of the crimes that fall under that are domestic violence-related incidents, sexual assaults, regular assaults and so forth.”

Authorities say in Philadelphia, there are victims assistance officers in every police district. You must remember to first file a police report and if you are not notified to apply for assistance, you can call the police to see if you are eligible.

You can find more information including a fact sheet on Crime Victims Fund here: or

Reported by Elizabeth Hur, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. Mac says:

    @Deb… Are you the kind of person that would step over a person lying on the sidewalk? It is only human nature that some want to go out of their way to help others! This woman is a small business owner and she fought for what was rightfully hers. The freedom to be a small business owner AND to make a few dollars in the process.
    WHat I would like to know though, is who is the person with the red shirt taking phone pics while the woman was wrestling with the perp AND why didn’t he give her a hand in taking deown the perp?

    1. jpablo99 says:

      It was probably her son

  2. TGreen says:

    People on Welfare have insurance.

  3. Stephanie Palmer says:

    But she is a victim.

  4. Guess Who says:

    The real crime is what the ER charged her. They charge insurance companies far less.

  5. Zzbar says:

    There are a lot of people who know how to get over on the system. The poor working class that pays all their bills, has health ins, don’t know how to get over.

  6. caps says:

    Well I have health ins and I pay my bills that arent covered and i pay my taxes. I bet she doesnt even claim all her cash sales. This is just another reason why this country is going down

  7. Deb says:

    It is unfortunate that Yuzhen Ma was robbed. I commend her for her courageous way she tried to defend her store and family. However, I do not understand why she does not have health insurance. Watching this story really bothered me. I have received many bills in the past year for various hospital visits and procedures with charges much higher than hers that I was responsible to pay. I paid my bills in addition to the cost of my insurance premiums. I am unemployed, do not own a business and do not ask for help like she did. If her injuries were not from a crime, who would be responsible for paying her bill then? Us, the taxpayers!!!! That is an abuse of the health care system. I think that this was one time channel 3 should not have stepped in.

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