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Trial Ordered For 14-Year-Old Driver In Fatal NE Philadelphia Crash

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A fourteen-year-old boy has been ordered to stand trial for murder as an adult in connection with a fatal car crash last month in Northeast Philadelphia.

Witnesses testified today during a pretrial hearing for Winston Charleston that the teen was speeding in his mother’s car moments before causing the fatal crash about 2 AM on June 28th near the intersection of Academy and Willits Roads (see previous story).

Investigators say Charleston had just graduated from middle school and had turned 14 just days before.

According to today’s testimony, three friends in the car with Charleston at the time were all pleading with him to slow down or let them out of the car.

Police estimate that the car was traveling about 85 mph after exiting I-95 when he lost control and crashed into another car being driven by a young woman.

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academycrash melwert Trial Ordered For 14 Year Old Driver In Fatal NE Philadelphia Crash

(Scene of the fatal June 28th crash. Photo by Jim Melwert)


Her boyfriend, a passenger in that car, was killed immediately.  He was identified as Daniel Fouracre, 22, of Mallard Drive in Bensalem.  Several other people including the woman were hospitalized with serious injuries.

Charleston’s defense attorney is not disputing that Charleston was driving the car but wants him tried as a juvenile; a motion to that effect was pending.

Reported by Tony Hanson, KYW Newsradio  1060

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  • josh

    Lou Agre, committeeman for the 21st ward in Roxborough did the exact same thing when he was a kid. His father, however, got a good lawyer and he got off scott free. Hope this punk kid has a poor lawyer and they put him away.

    • Dan

      Josh, didn’t you post the samething a few weeks ago in reference to another topic?

  • Angry Revolutionary

    “You can’t fix stupid” Judging by this kid and his parents the saying seems to be pretty much confirmed. Judging by some of the comments on here it’s merely reinforced.

  • josh

    he should serve extra time for being so ugly, too.

  • tayloramore

    Fisrt OFF hES oNLY 14,, he shud be placed in juvie till he 18… heis intentions was not to kill tht man he just wanted to have fun..

    • Dan

      Are you really that stupid?

      • Angry Revolutionary

        Judging by the disregard for the English language, I beleive you answered your own question.

      • Angry Revolutionary

        Judging by the poor use of the English language and grammar; I believe you have answered your own question.

  • 123

    If you know anything about the law it is that a juvenile is held to an adult standard when performing adult activities. Try him as an adult.

  • Annie

    Put him behind bars for life. He’s 14 now and a murderer. Can’t imagine what he’ll be like when he’s 21.

    • tayloramore

      it wasnt his intentions so tech. hes not a murderer

      • Angry Revolutionary

        Taylor, please tell your parents not to let you near the computer anymore. Also you may want to try some hooked on phonics and a few episodes of Easy Reader.

  • Annie

    Try him as an adult for murder! GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please pick me for the jury….

  • Big Daddy

    Peacemaker should be put in jail for life for being a moron. Betcha you wouldn’t feel the same way if he killed your son.

    • Angry Revolutionary

      In that case I have a list of politicians I would like to incacerate.

  • Dan

    So, PeaceMaker, fill us in on what happened at the hearing. But then again, it does not matter. What matters is a 14 year old kid took his mom’s car and killed somebody. He wants to act like an adult by driving, then he should be tried as adult along with the other three who were with him. And throw mom into the pot because she is responsible for his well-being.

  • Peacemaker

    He is only 14

  • PeaceMaker

    If you was not there at the hearing than you dont know the facts so please shut up. Remember he was a 14yd old that was pressured by the peers of his.

    • sheriff

      Peacemaker, Doesn’t matter who was at the hearing, What matters is that he took a life, period, end of story. Play with fire you will get burned. They should also put his Mother in jail for derelection.

    • Thomas Geiger

      Peer pressure is not a defense. Especially if it is true that the others in the car were asking him to stop and let them out.

  • sheriff

    Both this punk killer & his Mother should both go to prison. The Father? he should be flogged in a public square for fathering such a dumb a$$.

  • go fast behind bars

    Behind bars for life the only way to go.

    • Thomas Geiger

      I doubt he will get life behind bars. People have done much worse than this and not received life. I do agree he should be tried as an adult. The facts of the case and the persons character and criminal history have an affect on sentencing.

  • Slick

    Fry his behind, he thought he was old enough to drive as an adult then he should reap the consequences as an adult….no sympathy!

    • Thomas Geiger

      Capital punishment is for murder one, meaning a premediation to kill the victim. I do not think anyone can prove that he intentionally killed the person he hit, so “frying his behind” is out of the question if you mean capital punishment.

  • Big Daddy

    Should be put behind bars for life along with the other bozos he was with. Another display of fantastic parenting!

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