Want To Return An App? Sorry, There’s No App For That

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Many smartphone apps are free, but you are taking a chance when you download ones that are not. It is usually a case of, ‘all sales are final.’

Ninety-nine cents here, a couple of bucks there. For those who can’t get enough of staring at a smartphone screen, the cost can add up.

“All these app stores, they have ratings, and you can leave reviews. If you’re a smart buyer, you’ll read these before you spend the money.”

But sometimes, CNET’s Josh Lowensohn says what you download just does not work. Good luck getting a refund. You have 15 minutes to return to the Android store with buyer’s remorse. How about with the iPhone or iPad?

“Apple and anyone else will always tell you to go talk to the person who makes the app first.”

Who, it is hoped, will appreciate your business and positive feedback won by giving you a fix. Otherwise, or if you just don’t like the app, you are out of luck. That is unless you live in Taiwan, where Apple is now forced by law to give your money back.

Reported by Ian Bush, KYW Newsradio 1060

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  1. Samuel A. Maffei says:

    I write apps for iPhone / iPad. I have given refunds in the past via PayPal (even for some pretty outrageous reasons, because some people want the world for a $1). I have also added features / fixed bugs when asked. This is a non-issue. Move along…

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